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What play Some of those Jed Hoyer highlights as promised. Miracle kind of led me to think of something else when he talked about crazy seven for one deals, because that's what Peter King was writing about this morning and the football morning in America Colony. He writes for pro football. Talk to Carmen in your corn, ESPN 1000 by the way, come later in the show. It's a big birthday day today, not just my kid's birthday, but oh, yes, spreading data Happy 14 major anniversary Dylan's an anniversary, which would show Twins. No funny guys. They're 14 14. Wow. You believe that markets for jeans? My last That is crazy. My heavens, Heavens! S Oh, yeah, And there's a major major anniversary today, too, that we will discuss Miller looked like you were ready to says so. The lead and Peter King's column today, Shawn Watson, and this is what he writes, which I thought was kind of interesting just to start over the weekend. Two common themes emerged about Houston's near future one. The Texans have one untradeable player. Watson, as of now to Houston is not only not interested in trading Watson but also not interested in listening to offers for him. At least two teams have given offers to the Houston Texans and have gotten zero feedback like no reaction. No, we'll get back to you. Nothing. So, according to Peter, at least two teams have made offers. And they have heard nothing. Nothing bad. Not thanks, but no, thanks. That's tweak it. Nothing. So if you're planning if you're Houston, you don't plan on trading. I'm not just gonna order. Is that what they're gonna do? That's what it seems like it is. They're just going to ignore it. And then, when the representatives from the shower Watson come to talk to him and say, Well, it's tonight. We know you've gotten trade offers for we're not listening to trade offers my friend. We think the Shawn Watson is a top three quarterback in this league and we have no interest in trading him. We don't care if he's unhappy. We're going to try to make him happy. You're gonna have to sell the Shawn Watson and making him happy. And Houston. That's just the way it is. That's Nick. A serious job right now. Yes. Salomon. Hey, I'm gonna fix all this. Don't you works right. We were the Titanic right now. But somehow I'm gonna fix the B u SS Lusitania. The Lusitania him roll over one the big hole. That's right there and nine the whole we're taking on water. It's coming over the bulkheads at E Deck. It's a mathematical certainty. He says. I'm gonna fix it. Right. I've If I was a general manager Guy's got to be the Houston I am not letting to Shawn Watson Gold period. And my job is to go ahead and find a way to convince him that what we're going to do here is going to be absolutely correct. You are one of the top three quarterbacks Initial league top two young quarterbacks for dark shirt. I want you here. I don't want you going anywhere. You are a Houston Texan. We drafted you. You're gonna be a lifetime. Houston Texan. You're gonna win Super Bowl championships, and you're going to the Hall of Famers of Houston, Texas. That sounds like a good guy. And you know what I would do if I were Nick a stereo toe like kind of like Break the ice a little bit. I would pitch what you're goes like pitching right now. But you guys see the infomercial. You know the infomercial with the guy with the real good groom Beard kind of a portly guy. Maybe centuries passed, but the different guy does it today. He's got a blue shirt on and he's always one of the things he pimps is like this. Poxy party almost show any. Yeah, and he at one point to make his pitch. He drills a hole into the hole of a boat. And then he slathers. My head is Carmen. Like a dad. You could see that twitch TV. My airfare, Patrick, He takes a big heaping on a putty knife in this taxi. And he fills in the hole. Slathers it in their car takes the whole it takes the boat on the water. And wouldn't you know it? The boat floats, floats and if I were him I'd be. I'd get a big tub of that epoxy and I'd start working. I said Listen where? The Titanic But I'm gonna go down there and I'm gonna slash I don't even know what the hell this stuff's called. I'm gonna slather it on here. I'm gonna finish Let Let's redo the scene and me anything that might be coming up here on the show, Okay? Iceberg dead ahead. I want to start. Good go. I just stop and reverse party, Jen, right? Yes. Refer. Reverse turn Now get down there with you, and I would go down there and I would start them to Shawn Watch. So I'm the guy with the poxy party and I'm gonna fix it. And maybe it makes the Shawn Watson laugh a little bit me. Chuckle giggles. Well, you better get to work, man because they would break the ice. You got a lot of it's a hard sell that convinced him to stay. This goes the longer this goes, the harder it is to get this thing back. Well, and then this is where the craziness ensues. The like Peter starts walking. Talking about the proposals. Peter King Proposal. Carolina Panthers seven for one deal, right? Christian McCaffrey, junior heady Bridgewater, Teddy, but Dr B. Anderson, who had a terrific here, quite receiver Robbie Anderson, First round. Second round picks in 2021 1st round pick in 2022 3rd round pick in 2023 in exchange for Watson, Houston might push for the inclusion A 22 year old pass rusher Brian Burns is a vital part of any deal. Are you out of your mind? Young too? Young tackles dates back from that You're You're getting out of control now. Like you don't give the pass Rush rub. You can't trade idea Trade. McCaffrey doesn't bother me a bit. It doesn't bother me at all those picks. I know you know what we think about running backs. I mean, I know I love Chris McCaffrey. But I know what you mean. But all those picks a playmaker like McCaffrey, Robbie Anderson, the quarterback, a pass rusher like Brian, Are you crazy? The past her she's not going anywhere. That's the one that's the deal breaker. There's no way in hell you're getting this guy. That's a big noise in it, guys. I mean, like, even for you, Shawn Watson. Isn't that a No? Don't you have to draw the line in the sand somewhere? Well, what's that? Like of all the offers that Peter King put together? Is that one? The best one in your opinion, or is it the dog? It includes burns. That's the best one. But it includes I'm looking. I'm thinking, Bridgewater Money money. Anderson money. Probably equals what money Watson has being made from watch. Like no like I'm with you. You're like that that that matters. In the end, it doesn't really matter. McCaffrey becomes the face of your franchise. If your taxes if you make that deal, so that's the cell is that you have a guy who But we all know he's already been paid a big big money deal and as a running back if you could see, you know, if you're Matt rule, you might be like, yeah, like, Let's get that off the books if we could get a franchise quarterback That's not even a hinderance. It's like you said the young pass rusher. It's everything else, but like I get If you want, Watson, there's going to be a bidding war. And so you know what? Because, look, the Dolphins. The Dolphins one has got the Jets Look at the Jets Deal. Six for one. Sam Donald. Okay, they wouldn't lose. I just go ahead and Queen quarterback first round picks in 2021, which is the second selection. 2022. The hire of New York's two first round picks is they have a two next year. Was second round picks in 2021 2023 in exchange for Watson. That's an awfully big hole. 40 Niners seven for one Garoppolo linebacker Fred Warner, who is blossoming into a superstar man, I mean, he had a tremendous your own San Francisco. Mike McGlinchy first round picks in 2021 2022. Plus a second round pick in 2021 in the third round pick in 2022 for Watson, you get to the Dolphins here. What's the daughter? You know what I do there and I think isn't Houston Texans aren't they set a tackle? Then they just make the trade Jeremy time. So let me counsel. I think if you said a chancellor Tunsil you can you can trade Maclin. She discards Chicago for draft choices. Yourself another first trumpet right medicines if you all right. And then the big One is Miami defensive end Christian welcomes quarterback to a tongue biloba. First round picks in 2021 3rd overall 2023 2nd round pick in 2021 2022 for Watson. Houston deal in the Miami DEA arm. Excuse me, the Carolina deal in the Miami dealer. The two best deals, aren't they? Bears even come close to matching that. How could they? The only way the Bears could make anything I think palatable would be that have to do it have to be an agreed upon deal on draft day when you can actually trade for total first from picks because you can't trade you could only trade three in the future. But on draft day do you go ahead and do for so the Bears would have to be like, And I think that's the only way they get into the conversation where they're willing to go for first from pets of present day pick and then three future exists..

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