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These are nontraditional, but that doesn't necessarily mean more more has you know could mean a actually a better experience? Yeah, I get that, but also, you know, you're also trying to go after a completely different market. Right. That's true. That's true. And you know that market is changing though, so so one of the things that I didn't realize before I started working with Airbnb is that by twenty twenty five, most of the workforce will be millennial and that workforce is traveling. These are our younger folks. They're being sent around. Country all the time. So so millennials are definitely changing the way that we travel. I think I don't fall into that category. I'm a little older than that, and and folks who are like me in genetics or or older are coming around to it a little bit slower. You know, I think we, we have a little bit more of a learning curve, but but there's a reason that I, I saw figure that sixty percent of Airbnb were trips in the last year included more than one guest. So so that means folks are traveling with their families. They're kind of doing what you're doing in the sense that you know, yes, I might be going for for work Thursday and Friday, but I'm gonna stay over with the family on Saturday and Sunday, and we're gonna have a a nice trip together in and there's proof for that to, you know, thirty percent of Airbnb were for work bookings in the last year, have included at least one weekend night three in ten, so so that's pretty significant figure in and it just shows the people are changing the way that they travel for work in their kind of. You know, the word we use internally was Bleacher. I really. Hate that word, but. Like they're Lamping. It's horrible, but there is some truth. Yeah, or chained in a way. Yeah, I definitely get that so, but also I would think from your role that you know that that millennial group gets it, you know, they, they do have a family. They do want experience. They're not the ones that are gonna you know, at five thirty head to the airport to get the last flight home. Know they're gonna stay the weekend totally get, but they're also the ones that don't need or want or probably look for like an Airbnb blog. Great. Well, you know, I don't know. I think I think sometimes they do and sometimes other people find it for them. So so in a lot of these cases, you know, forty percent of Airbnb for work bookings are through enterprise company. So this is a situation where someone else may be making the booking for you so so they may not even have total autonomy within that, you know, kind of decision making. So so actually what we found her, they're there to pen of scenarios. I, there's that travel manager of might be sort of younger who's determining travel for, you know, between one and who knows how many people and sometimes they come across it other times, though you have folks who use Airbnb for work in their in their everyday life and they, they will be the ones who send these articles to their travel managers who are like, hey, if Facebook in. Sportswear and Twitter doing this. Is there any reason that we can't? And so you know, the travel managers are kind of getting it from both sides there. They're trying to be more efficient. Might be searching online for for these in finding these articles that talk about policies and all this sort of stuff. But they're also having those internal influencers come to them and say, look, if if I can book a, you know, two nights on my phone while I'm in between meetings, why are we having such an issue? You know, booking me for work and it and it's, you know, I think as as time goes by, you're seeing that the friction decrease Airbnb for work in just last year integrated with a king, her the expense reporting software. So you're seeing there all of those little friction pieces or kind of falling away as the platform develops at on the promotion side of the content because. You know, because if people aren't aware of it yet, you want them to get aware of it..

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