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Welcome in to to Robbie's football show with me, Robbie must've and him Robbie. Oh, wow. Fun game to for bridge to to Chelsea Manchester. United Robbie Earle. I mean, where do we start? Let's start with your general thoughts of this football match festival. Rob I've got things to say in. You know England that brilliant win on Monday against Spain in the United Nations. But let me tell you something you can't beat the primarily sporting Drome of the high in guests who was the lead monta Ganley Josie Marino. And it was this early this morning what the game on my new usual notepad Manetti Saudi going to put the notepad down the axes knows in the detail in lineups in the tactics. I mean, leave most in Komotini you working on the show. I just going to watch this game as a kind of innocent till zither trying to find see if I can answer some questions and particularly looking at Monchy United and the questions the answer to me are the two months, just you know, I teach stem, he's a first off at new customer. I over Chelsea much. Didn't is a second Hoffman snotty two pool. Pocus? Disciplined sometimes doesn't know how these focus on. And then there's a guy who can get CVS can influence a game and become a much when these two sloppy goals, which are not consistent to Josie Marino's teams from the set pieces somebody is let go and no the losing Coppola had is in the box and not picking up late last minute. So the game Josie Marino winning teams don't allow those things to happen. And finally, this to Josie Marino's this the hunted man who I have to say love me today felt that he was provoked into reaction. He should get more respect from a Chelsea football club wave he did win three towels. And of course, he's telling them, but you know, what in any other football club few wins. Retired people will give you the respect you you. And I didn't think he got back having Sadat rob his reaction to the provocation. And we don't know what was said we saw. And it was it was terrible because disgraceful and unbelievable kluber Hundley. Well, and we'll Hundley behind the scenes, well, but I don't know any of the Premier League manager who would have reacted in that same way does that make him wrong, rob because in the game in the in our show on in the instant? Wow. What company what we've just seen awful from the assistant of Chelsea. As of it. Yeah. And throwing his fists towards his face. And then he came back and must've said something else which stressed Josiah. Yeah. And then to see a manager fly off the bench and steam over is if you want a guy just looked wild. This is this is this is not right. We shouldn't be saying the source now to be fair. All social media. People said, you know, what you're wrong, this time Josie was absolutely provoked into this. You know, conceded not late goal with all the history, and these feedings is emotions about this football club in Chelsea. And I think that the general fort was you know, what not this time. This isn't Joe's as fault this time and on reflection. I think you know, what maybe people are right. May maybe this guy this sport. We talk about it so much being an emotional game. We've been there. It's so so powerful when you're there in a big moment at this game. What it means these to this guy, something, you know, I can see it. And I hope he doesn't get in trouble for for his reaction to what did you think? Do you think that there's any blame on Josie that you should have control those emotions better? We agree. Totally agree, of course system with water. Listen, we'll we'll would sit here and love to control his emotions. But that's the league. I think he was I wouldn't say blameless, but I think a huge amount of blame. How's it going? Chelsea vest off the reaction of the one play an fantasy Chelsea we've been building the way they've handled it saris come out. Maybe apology, apparently, the big amount himself come out and been pulled you to be an internal investigation football club bell. Make sure that last night. I just think it's Josie, rob. And I as I said before I can't think of another manager who would reacted in the same way. Now, I think you're right. I mean, I think you would see a reaction from other managers would not be. Stand up Burnaby retread shout across but it would. Josie is not blameless, Robin. And this is the point on just want to get too much. Snot funds can can agree or disagree. If the kicked off in embroiled down that it could it could easily happen involving players involving coaches possibly funds vision security man, talking about a whole different situation that taints will just called the best league in the world. Why we love it? While we watch it would have been a whole different feeling. And that's what we're Josie one is pasta get more control of himself as a manager to your money. Give Manchester United by the way, the steward that that did an amazing. Probably knows jobs as well. So he stopped him doing anything that he would have regretted just on your on your opening gambit that Robbins, some great analogies and some great points. I just want to pick up on poor pauper. We talk about my law, and you made a point that sometimes it's concentration is poor. And yeah, the times he's brilliant again looking at the game today. I'm looking at it many times on the replay. And I'm trying to bring other people in the could have caused this made it not wholly porpoises, and again through social media people send to me why there was a pick. There would you expect him to do? Well, let me tell everybody right now there's picks, and there's blogs you in every single game every single setpiece. You gotta deal with it. As soon as you on a man to man, you get touched. And as soon as he starts getting close to those other plays there. I think it was w e. Lindelof you've got okay while this is going to be tight. This is going to be difficult. And I've got to stay with him. I'm gonna Muslim away in between. I'm gonna make sure that this guy doesn't doesn't score anything different from you. Rub on that short, Robin. She'll put yourself in that situation when a corner kicks coming into the box. You have to have a hundred percent full concentration on what you're doing. And it wasn't a pick by the way because I watched it closely. And so a couple of times it was him almost looking like it became conversation. Louise, and the moment that he did ludicrous recognized it run on the outside and by time dotted he was too late. And I think the jumping up and down was a bit like cough. Couldn't somebody have helped me out because he got your tummy Hoff was him knowing you know, what I've been done that been core. You're not fully concentrating on. What is your his job is in talk to davick? Louise, his job, isn't it? To do anything else. But make sure Rudy get doesn't get a headed towards goal is a corner. Kick comes in again, Jacqueline, high performance at Manchester, United, rob. That's the best result this season for United. Yes. The best result. They played some of the better football again mob. It's not really, it's not brilliant football. And I don't think we're ever going to get to the stage where we're gonna go Josie, menia and brilliant, Montana. I football in the same sentence. But I thought there was an element of. Control is in the first off. I mean, it's a it's a tough for forty five minutes to try and kind of breakdown because your is myalgia telling me do nothing Lukaku at nine. Touches rubio. I'm not sure we've ever seen such a low number for pornography. Apply for forty five minutes and yet Josie afterwards. Maybe United fans a happy with the first half. They concede a goal by piece but other than that she didn't create much and then second off they turn it on. And when they don't think about things too much to think about defensive they're at their best and may throw people forward, and they look a threat is just a crazy thing was now with them where they passive they. They don't look solid and yet they still find ways to come back. I wrote down three plays rope. From the first off one month, you came into team if slightly different line almost in a number time wet you think he's best position. So Marcus Rochford and a so Anthony Marcial and one of those three players what my thirst. Most important job was stopped Eugenia on the bull. Markets roughage, most important jobs was to make sure Marcus Lonzo didn't get on the outside and Anthony Marcial most important job in the first offers to make sure that okay. Rob is. Okay. I'm not swear they ended up in goal because with let's go, but probably doesn't let them go. It goes in nil-nil. And that's what Josie once and then second half. He can then say, okay, you've done the job. Now, I'm going to let the rains often we're gonna see us an attack him falls, the future of jobs are media. Rob. We disagreed with it for the last few weeks where you know, what's a matter of days matter of weeks before he gets fired. I think he might Limpar. I think you might find ways to get results on this bit of a rollercoaster that he continues was that signs today. And again, some people through social media think that you know, what I think I think was playing from a little bit is any argument in that. Small given listen this. This guy is a champion, and when he does a three champions Chelsea and think of Porto think of into Madrid. He's a champion. Rob is a fighter is a street fire of called him in the past. And you know, what is digging his way out of situations doesn't like criticism none of his life criticism. But you know, what it's getting these backup and he's making him more determined and. I hold my hands up to him because these many a manager who would if not flown the towel them. But would have realized you know, what Ryan's on the wall. I I'm gonna get myself out. This am Josie. Marina is clinging on and he sainted this group applies to this football club. Stay with me believe in me, and I'll turn things around. Now what the turnaround is what they win how they win. If they win is all questions to be asked. But right now Josie Marino is I think doing enough to suggest that this may as you say Limpopo until the end of the season, maybe not. Christmases office, though, less than rob. Is this conversation go near there's so much more to talk about United Chelsea we'll get some social media tweets as well. We'll be right back with more on the two Robbie's football show here on NBC sports radio. Be back in a moment..

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