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I'd like to see a lot of stuff keep on every platform two people have a choice of where to play. Yeah, they like franchises that always been on PlayStation and stuff off. Just keep it there as my opinion make or receive them. Yeah, do you guys do something else know? Yeah. Well, okay. So what do you think about it? So yeah, I'm kind of with let's see. I don't want to see them, you know this sort of thing where you have to buy every console to play everything. Yeah, you know or to play most things. But since we're in the spirit of doing this, I'll go big here. I as much as I'd like to see them by tech line and save them and see what I think. It might actually be cheaper now to buy them. So it might be more like life. They might be able to get away with saying well, you got a bunch of stuff going on. So we're going to give you this instead of that. But anyway, like my I'm going to go bigger here. I would like to see WB Games happened. Yeah, but and and that's just from a nice spot. It's like business standpoint. I have no stake in that but like if XBox really wants to level the playing field with something that would be a great way to do it. And the other one make is starting to make more and more sense. But that's ye Could you actually see it up? Not really soon, but down the road. I mean, they're starting to strengthen the partnership again with games pass your game pass with access or you play now all that song is so yeah, I mean down the road like a year or two from now, I could see Talk starts pick up about that again. Should I link into a thing? I would say Ubisoft is a possibility and cuz everyone is like that they took partnership is going to be announced later this year. And that's a big fall down to go alongside. Her infinite will get into a holler and Legion and stuff like that on Game Pass and we'll have big releases kind of come to it similar to a little bit after launch fortunes launched in water October September and now it's going to Game Pass in March early on okay. Yeah. We'll see you in like six to twelve months after lunch and Thursday. I wouldn't be shocked if it happens. So I wouldn't be shocked if they actually then, you know, if that did happen a Ubisoft acquisition makes a lot of sense to me. I think the Mets the game. Then turn over..

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