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Yeah. Three two one forgot to be useful completely solid line. I do so good clapping. I think I just had my first baby. Baby. Baby. Presents. What's good everybody and welcome to another episode of the what's good games podcasts your source for video game news. Commentary analysis and funny stuff. Every friday. I'm Andrea Rene joint in the slickest pajamas of ever seen Christine Steiner. Oh, Hello, and miss Brittany brokers. Also here. Oh, hello? Welcome ladies. So this is a special episode. We are recording this ahead of our trip to London town. We, of course are on the way back right now I think I may have landed already. But we knew that we weren't going to be able to record the show next week because we are out of the country. And so we decided to do our special e-, three twenty nineteen magic eight ball. Prediction show for you since e-3, mere days away. As to exactly we'll from from the thirty first, it's exactly a week in a couple of days now. That's right. Because it starts on the weekend. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I man starts on Saturday. So he threes getting closer and closer every year it feels like just inches. Oh back. Yeah, exactly. Eventually three will just be two whole weeks long. And then it will be a month of being the home of June every day a new game. What is that? What we'd ever wanted to no? But because we're shooting a little bit of an unorthodox show. We won't be able to give our normal patriotic shout outs for this week so we will just double up on those next week. But we do wanna see a big. Thank you to our patriot producers for the month of may Lincoln Davis, Alex, regardless, fair sedate and Muhammad Muhammad. If you wanna get involved, patriot dot com slash what's good gains have all kinds of tastic rewards, including an ad free version of the audio podcast..

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