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The number one coach in college football summited the number one coach in college football history may or may have not had the corona virus depending on what you think and now. Trevor Lawrence the number one quarterback in the sport has definitively tested positive on Wednesday. So we had Nick Sabin? Affecting the Alabama program and Clemson's Trevor Lawrence Impacting the Tigers Program they will end up taking on Boston College Tomorrow Without Lawrence. He's in isolation if you haven't heard the story good morning welcome to Keyshawn Jalen Zubin presented by progressive insurance we're GONNA caulk gambling coming up in nine minutes and the very real possibility, and let's not be blind to the fact that A lot of people are wondering, what would the line for Clemson's game against Boston College Without Trevor Lawrence would it be off the board? We'll talk about it with our gambling expert. Joe Forton Coming Up Hill also take your calls eighty eight, say Espn Eight, eight, seven, two, nine, three, seven, seven six. But let's get back to the priorities even though the playoff. Subsequent. Games all of that gambling. It's all in the mix, but it's all about the health of Trevor Lawrence and again Sabin Lawrence gigantic marquee name headlines. Jay, you brought up something I want to just get your opinion on. This is really important because if you're in the big ten as we all know our, you may know you test positive you missed three weeks, which is twenty one days, and since there are no buys in this league that essentially is. Going to be three games if you're in the ACC Trevor Lawrence, you to isolate for ten days from the onset of symptoms which we are hearing was Wednesday. So that could put him back for next. Saturday not tomorrow but next Saturday's game against Notre. Dame which would be a gigantic top five clash. So he would be there for that in the big twelve, you have a minimum fifty three man roster. If you don't fifty three guys on the team, you cannot. Play remember eighty five scholarships. So if you get hit hard in the big twelve and you don't have fifty three and at least seven offensive Lineman to protect the number one guy in the field, the quarterback, you can't play forever and a day. The biggest criticism about college football jay has been it's totally uneven. Some teams played conference games some played nine someplace have some have FCS opponents some dote. This is the biggest strongest most firm example about how the. Unevenness of college football is rearing its ugly head and because it's all regional in different regional aspects, geographically different things are happening. So obviously in the big ten, you know it's this is my frustration with it because they're obviously having a flare with Cova the whole countries having a flare or covert right now but the protocols. So drastically different twenty one days for the big ten as opposed to ten days from the onset of symptoms, within ACC, that can protest this. That's where imagine if that was if that's what it was for grammar, it's if it was ten days from onset of symptoms I guess a drastically different scenario for Wisconsin. There's an ad qb yes. Than it is for Clemson and that's why I feel like you wish there was one unity of College Football playoff committee can set the tone for who they. Dictate is in the final four how come they can't set the overall rules for protocol what it takes to work through a pandemic I. Don't understand you know commissioner in this sport no commissioner. But what what's better is better for ten days or was it better for the twenty one days? Did the big ten get it right on the twenty one day. List I mean you know is is twenty one days better because you you go through so much different medical testing within twenty one or ten days just because we gotta get back on the field and you. Can Get it right or wrong by returning. Or even postponing. They've been on both sides of this coin. Well, the postponing part is more about giving themselves time to figure it out. They could just not said anything. kind of figured it out came back and we wouldn't even be having a conversation about what the Livingston, what the other leagues essentially did but they stepped out and said, well, we're GONNA basically canceled it even though we just issued a sketch with several days before but now. We're going to do it this way and then. You know have to go to all the the president of the universities make decisions on whether or not they can come back and play. You know I've always been. Of the belief that because health is always the most important part of it. Is that you don't run the risk you just. Come back and play next year. But once everybody started playing and they started put these things together and people started actually planning getting on the field. It's like now at this point, it's like, okay. Well, just make sure everybody stays healthy as much as possible in when people. Become positive make sure you have some protocols in place to protect the others but see this is where I get confused so. My wife and I we want I want my mother-in-law to come to our home in Connecticut for a couple of days. Right so she's coming in from Indiana hobbit state okay. You see all this protocol airlines that if they were to fly after they go through recognition when it gets airport like they have to stay quarantine for fourteen days you start looking at CDC guidelines ten to fourteen days staying quarantine we traveled to different state. So that's the CDC guidelines wire the big ten's is different. And I understand what you're saying key from for extra time to make sure what other people were abiding by these rules, wire their rules different. Before you answer that Qui, there is one distinction to make if you're just thinking about the big ten being in the midwest footprint remember it stretches from Far West as Nebraska through the middle of the country, all the way to Maryland and New Jersey. This is in your father's big ten where it's just clustered in the Midwest. That's a wide swath of the country key. No, it isn't you into to ask a question Jay. I'd rather have more time than less. And I think that's probably what Kevin Worn in the big ten thought about. They said, they'd rather have more time than less they never really factored in to the thought about okay. Don't have a by we're GONNA lose this individual whoever these people are gonNA lose three games. They looked at more of the health concerns if you go back and you remember his first one of his. First press conferences. The first thing he said is the well being of student athletes and their help paramount that that that is most deport. So I'm sure with all the little medical people start to get together and Michigan Michigan state northwestern all these places they said twenty one days is better for us..

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