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Rockies facing nemesis kenta ada they knew would be a game in which they would have to match the crafty right hander with their own good work and indeed they got that today from ehrmann marcus dodgers leading baseball in the month with fifty four homers three to swaying in a miss overpowered them with a fastball and that's the i doubt here four airmont marcus airman would be just a matching majeida pitch for pitch neither team had a hit until the fourth inning one dj lemay hugh let off with a double he moved to third on a fly out by charlie blackmon and then he would be safer to home on a different way of scoring the one to nolan again missed it gets away from grondahl lemay mayhew will score and our nado gets to first base rockies tak one to nothing lead on a wild pitch strike out they eventually changed the ruling do a pass ball but either way the rocky said the first run of the afternoon and evening as dj was safe at home presented by ring pro partners en casa their mission to be advocates for us neglected children meanwhile the twentythreeyearold out of venezuela airman marcus just kept on a rolling one two pits y got him with the slider six strikeouts for airman marcus twelve in rose set down and after that strikeout to end the fourth inning in the fifth inning the rockies would increase their lead leading off in the top of the fifth was in desmond ball one day in desmond grounded out to third his first at bat he drives outta hair gone desmond with a zucca shocked the left touch him all time to nothing araki's that was our good call of.

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