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Welcome to on the verge. Im Kara Bradley bringing you weekly blasts of no hype advice. Essential practices strategies things to help you show up and shine. This is a Biggie for me. Welcome everybody thank you so much for joining me. I have big news and if you would please just just give me let me indulge. I should say. Allow me to indulge my news and my story this week and that is I have recently announced the sale of my business verge yoga we sold our business. As on on December thirty first to a wonderful young woman emily forte who has been with us as a teacher for many years. Yes and we are in transition out of a fifteen almost sixteen year old business so there is a lot happening and within me and around me and I'd like to share some of that with you because change is inevitable and when we can embrace change range boy it can be so fruitful. I am literally on the edge of my seat with excitement. Anticipation a little. A bit of of Oh Gosh a lot of uncertainty but a little bit of that trepidation around uncertainty and wow.

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