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The astros in our the astros gonna come back down to earth lot of question. Probably i mean they. They i think they already did a little bit in this last series. Where were they detroit. Detroit yeah i think they split a doubleheader something then that being lost the finale anyway. They're i mean they're lost. They weren't like eleven games in a row. So they'll probably cool off a little bit though orange wagon But they still have to show that they can quite the lineup. That offense is incredible right now and they've played a couple of few series against the as and the pitching is just not been able to hold them down even oakland Which is strange. Because last year they are was lights out against them in oakland So it's i think they go there go to houston for a series before the all star break. So that'll be a chance to maybe even things out A little bit before they get to the break but In terms of what they need to do both of the bullpen. For sure. that's number one because yeah right. Now they have lou trevino at the back end and a lot of question marks. And how you it's to you know if your starter gets like five or six i mean because you saw you saw that on saturday like Montefusco five four to you in the seventh inning and became even get through the eighth without losing the lead And jake diekman was so good last year. He's given up a lot of home runs right now which is strange so he went. I think i forget what the exact number but it was something one hundred fifty games he'd given up giving up sixteen seventeen something like that petite Shaky and other than that. Those guys you know romo has been okay but the other options are just like not as reliable as you would hope so. I think they could definitely add arm or two or more back there. i mean hastings. Lozada's still kind of a wild card As to even as to what they're going to do with him because they're using it as a starter in the minors. And i think the long term goal is for him to start still. But is that this year. I don't know so yeah Pity staff definitely ask some questions And you know the offense. Their offense kind of comes and goes sometimes but they haven't gotten a lot of production out of the eight spot They signed mitch moreland. Who was going to be there left handed guy. That's really mostly what he's done. He's back to madison senate first base couple of times but he hasn't produced a whole lot And they've been using jed lowrie as they were kind of right handed Da's guy and his numbers against left handers are markedly better than his numbers. Right handers so So that's not as much of an issue but yeah maybe some. Maybe another left handed bat interesting. That's that's not quite as easy to acquire at the deadline You and i are both addressing the trade deadline in this weeks paper And the giants Far on this podcast. A couple of weekends ago for said The giants have The ability of the financial ability to take on extra payroll which is in. This price is one of the main differences. I think matt. I'm learning about covering the giants as opposed to the as they say dick and and i think they would prefer to take on salary rather than part with like a bigger prospect in if if deal but they would really like i think to get another starter who doesn't start up But particularly the way injuries are going they would love to get another starter and particularly one that maybe has some club control beyond this year Which might cost them. A you know a decent prospector to but certainly if there's a lot of salary involved the giants can handle that The question is going to be. I think belt. And if they learned something here in the next week or two about belts availability the rest of the way do they need to go out and get another bat they might have to. They have enough flexibility Among their their players their roster's constructed with so many utility guys. That doesn't necessarily have to be a first baseman. They could get a second baseman. And you save. Thomas i weighed. I got a lot of different options at first but you know without F- longoria for the short term and potentially built for much longer. I you know. I wouldn't have said about a couple of weeks ago but now i'm saying that and like everybody they'll probably be looking for a little relief help if they added one reliever. I wouldn't be shocked for on tends to do a lot of things similar to what the as front office does. And we have the front office pretty much every trade deadline. When they're in it will pick up at least one reliever so And they'll probably be fighting over some of the same guys there because those guys come a little cheaper in terms of prospects. So i think it'll be fascinating but i think the one thing i think is pretty clear is this is the first time that Citing will be running the giants when they're in a position to make a major move at the trade deadline and he's gonna do something and i think he's going to do something know i who knows yet. What big names might be out there. But i would not speed surprised to see him right in the middle of it so that should be fun. Yeah so you had something fun ish with a guy who's well known to both giants fans and and as fans and sergio romo was one of the few guys who did not particularly enjoy the first go round of spot checks more than everybody else. Maybe he did enjoy more seriously or not as serious. Did take it to the next level. what was what was that like. And what did he say. After dropping trowel on the first day was much. It was weird it was like after the first few. What's the first few like really intently. And you've i mean you've been. Have you been a globally field the globe global so you know how high up the press box boxes. It's like you're at the top of airplane. Hangar and all the players look like ants. Yes so like we watched the first few checks pretty intently just to see what was going right and no big deal so you kind of looking at a corner of your eye. So he finishes the sending. It's a it's a real lopsided game too so you know you're kinda turn right at the same time so i'm just kinda having to look up and just seem like drop the pants and like i think surgery And i don't think there was the tv like had cut away. I think at that point. So i wasn't like seeing any immediate replays but it's like i think he's traffic and he did In he explained we didn't talk to the game but the next on the field and he explained like. I said like i didn't plan on doing that I was kind of pissed kind of angry. Because i gave up a home run and i like made a bad pitch. Give up a home run. And then i'm walking off the mountain and all of a sudden the part comes up and says let me see your gloves. So he was like a glove. Here's my hat. Here's bill and let me just go ahead and open up the rest so i think it's been an isolated incident so far. Yeah i have. No i have not seen any other actual pants dropping. Um which is probably the best But yeah he.

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