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Off especially when it comes to these millionaires and i think a lot of people assume that was going to happen with reuben foster a lot of people assumed things were true that were not true i thought the whole thing was just fishy i didn't know quite what to believe but i did understand because of his town because of how damn good he was it was worth the risk for john lynch and kyle shanahan to stand by him and i also did this if it would have been trimmed bulky he hadn't earned the benefit of the doubt anymore to be trusted in those situations because he had a long line of employing felons first off john lynch has no history of really anything acquiring players like rubens the only characteristic he's acquired kyle and i don't think a lot of people realize this having been around the league for a while now and just watch the way he's operating san francisco and talk to people that have worked with him and other teams he's actually a sneaky titus when it comes to character he's closer to chip kelly then he is pete carroll member chip kelly only wanted choirboys now kyle's a little more open minded but kyle is not big if you can play i don't care what your background is if anything he's the opposite hell he didn't like rg three because he was selfish and wasn't a great teammate little own questionable character guys so i gave them the benefit of the doubt of you know what their history now may be short still doesn't show me that they're just taking a bunch of felons and jim harbaugh interim bulky had a team full of dudes with rap sheets i mean chris culliver chased a dude down the street with brass knuckles after he hit him in his car obviously ray mcdonald had multiple issues women alden smith could not avoid the police to save his life so there track bruce miller beat up in downtown san francisco right on the water i think a family vacationing the guy was seventy years old staying there with his son beat him up.

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