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Hamilton's chalk outlines we call him chalk outlines 'cause they're like the chalk outlines it police departments put around victims of crime select the sketch of someone with their arms out on the dea it's like it's like there was a murder victim there and he did it with white paint apparently used like a he hit a ketchup bottle and a mustered bottle from a diner you know the kind of squeezie kind via a friend with lie down and he would drawn outline around the person's body like they were of a murder victim the and then they stand up and then he'd squishy some of the catch a bottle and put some red paint that look like blood gushing out and uh you know i started to see these down in the same neighborhood round the same time and again the first time you saw it he's a wto it i've never seen note of crime scene right out there before and then you look at it a say wait a second there's something that doesn't seem quite quickly and eventually certified figure out that it was art i love that he called himself with dick trace it dick trace it yeah he had several and mr re because it was a mr raring a he took this so seriously or and listen to this i began to think i was murdering people going back to hotel room covered in paint blood in blood red paint in town planning out whereas gonna do it i made the news that was part of the work i wanted to make news it was part of the mit murder mystery that right there is richard hamilton talking about all the planning that went into his fake murder mysteries my guest today is our in jacoby a documentary filmmaker who sought his first richard hamilton painting in the early eighties and has a new documentary out about the canadian artist shanta man now on iteens orrin was art ed game to him no art was a serious it was something that he did obsessively that was how he defied who he was but you hear that game there would even what he's talking about randy at there's a game there's a game too.

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