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A bio pic on Dick Cheney. I it's just one of those little. Said and rooms, and and here's the thing. The praise comes from what? Christian bale, shaving his head and gaining weight. Man at they're handing out awards for gaining weight and losing hair. I want to get in line. That's gonna boost your earnings power. Dang. I am on my way. He do that for another movie where he lost an amazing amount of weight the machinist. Okay. So that's what you do either gain weight or lose weight, and you get an award right because they're all actors, right? And when it comes to gaining weight. Well, heck, we can help do that. Now. Now now star was born got shut out, right? Yeah. I I didn't see it on any of the news releases. So I'm guessing it did not win any awards. I a double check that. But I don't I don't see any bohemian rhapsody one the big award. I guess I if there is a big word, I don't know about the golden close what? And Romney Malik who played, Freddie. Mercury one as well. So. Other than that. And that that got a lot of critical critical praise from a lot of the the people that I guess on people that were fans of Queen. I think probably about how it was depicted. A how you know he was depicted in the movie, and I really didn't see anything that was really controversial about the award show about the Golden Globes. Yeah. I don't I it's for me the award is how much money did it Bank. How many enjoyed it? You, and I've always said that should be the award which movie made the most money, right? I mean, you get the award right? You've made the most like the I saw today on the on the Q to to rent online. The avengers the latest avengers movie that it that the box office on it worldwide was over two billion dollars. There's your praise. People vote with their money. Not a small group of people in your own work area. Basically as they call it, the thirty miles on the TMZ. You know? It's I I understand that. It's you know, sometimes, okay, great. The people I work with we all got together. And we and our peers decided this is this is good. I understand that. But the broader audience doesn't really care. Okay. Little betting here over and under the bio pic, the case, yo Cortez story. What's the over and under twenty two thousand twenty two somebody's probably gonna make it. I know. They are. Yeah..

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