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Typically when you think of me line tv think a pit snuggle big guy stepping away from yeah west virginia and these got another one in mo wagner does very similar things but michigan defensively they are great and they've got a lot of depth at the wing position and so they can give a team bike michigan state a lot of issues now what individual players should people really be watching four to see some special i like gerry jackson jr i mean this guy here you know a projected lottery pick he does a lot of good things well his dad jaren jackson was a tough do played against the village air is a averse revolt player and doesn't get a lot of credit for that at six eleven one of the best shotblock as in the country can score the bulk is is aggressive when he needs to be in you know he's outstanding talent and he mentioned michigan is a team you really like right now on the other teams in the big ten going pretty deep into the tournament is there one that you really think has what it takes i think purdue can make a final for run actually old school team they've got a post in isaac haas who we call we say's is soggy biscuit wave from three hundred pounds he is a talented big very very skilled around a basket with either hand and what this young man whose duncan right there carson edwards probably as the hottest player down the stretch in the big ten and so you got a great story lines but i think purdue can make a the run and reduce the only team in the country that is not lost a game by more than five point yet so even in their losses have played exceptionally close games they don't get i mean i feel like when we nationally talk about the big ten aides michigan state and everybody else because of the the pedigree to coach shannon i think is it fair or the two best players the two best players in the conference both on michigan state in miles and jaren jackson are they're right up there became the base de up the big ten vps at a heck reared ohio state and but misc is they definitely has the talent mick ward jaren jackson jr miles bridges caches winstons plain out of his mind of sophomore point guard he's probably x factor for.

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