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Injury, But it has been a rough day for the Giants so far is Mitchell. Travis keep picking up where he left off. A week ago. Colts on top of the Vikings by a score of 7 to 3, the Rams crushing the Eagles 21 23 Brady in the Bucks on top of the pant. There's 14 to nothing and the Titans in front of the Jaguars. Behind a big play offense early and inopportune defense. 14 to 7 drew lock as we told you. Another. One of those injuries are right show their injury. Let's get more on his status and the Steelers and the Broncos Here's Jeff Hawthorne. And register lock is out. That shoulder injury is worse than initially reported dead questionable lock is out. However, the Broncos they're hanging in there a 49 yard field goal by Brandon McManus and it's only 73 stealers. James Connor, a two yard touchdown run now locks injury came on his back or stumble by Bud to pre that led to the Steelers. Touchdown. Jeff Driskel. Okay, three of six so far as Denver takes the football with the Steelers leading 739 18 to play in the first half. Thank you very much. Jeff Hathorn in Pittsburgh. Let's go to David Shuster in Chicago. It's been an eventful first half so far there. Here's David. Alright, written much like around the rest of the league injury is a big factor here in Chicago today. Acorn Barclay leaving the game with a right knee injury. He is out for the game, and they will have some tests tomorrow. It didn't look good when he was helped off the field and now for the Bears. They're running back David Montgomery. He's now in the locker room right now with a neck injury. He's questionable to return today. As for the scoring, can nothing bears here in the second quarter mixed Robiskie on the first possession of the Bears afternoon, throwing a 28 year touchdown pass. David Montgomery, Carrow Santos. With a 34 yard field goal. Meanwhile, for Daniel Jones, he's three of 635 yard. He was intercepted once. He also fumbled, wants the Giants not looking good at all, and certainly on offense, and right now they're down with a con Barkley in the locker room. It had nothing bears 5 29 to go here in the opening half both sides of the ball sputtering for the Giants, the bears off To a very good start Thusfar. So lots of teams. The Falcons off to a surprising start the Lions off to a surprising start in Green Bay. Full 40. Niners got off to a fast start still leaving the Jets. Let's check in with Mike Mancuso. Hi rich. We have 3 41 remaining in the first half 49. He's just took over on downs. They had lead 14 to 3 jets had 1/4 down and one on the 20 Day went forward and Josh Adams was stopped. So the 40 Niners takeover. They've had a couple of good offensive possessions, most recently driving 67 yards. 14 plays Jimmy Garoppolo, eight of eight in this game, Self office 77 yards. And he's hitting up Jordan Reed, the tight end getting some catches today has four of them for 37 yards, including an 18 yard catch and run, and Hay is playing a bigger role in the offense, with George Kittle being out with the knee. Couple of significant injuries. Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas on the defensive line. Both carted off earlier in the game with the injuries and they're both out. No more details on that. So far to this point, Donald for the Jets, nine of 11 for 65 yards of the offense got going a little bit, but it stalled on the 20. And right now the Jets trailed 14 to 3. 3 35 remaining in the first half. So the 40 Niners in front, but it's been a costly day. So far. Let's set about 90 minutes down. I 95 to Philadelphia, where the Eagles have cut into that Ram's lead Here is Michaela Wango. A patrol play 75 Yard drive with a one yard died by Carson wants the two point conversion by mile send. This is unsuccessful, and now the Rams will lead by a score of 21 denying Los Angeles Two touchdown passes from Jared Goff to tolerate B the other in Los Angeles score was a five yard end around run by wide receiver Robert Woods, so it's extend to go here. In the second quarter panel. We have some life, they trailed by a score of 21 to 9. All right, let's go further south to Miami, where it's been a good start for Josh Elm and the Bills. Here's Jack Arm, Priester. A word for 25 to go here in the first half. It's been all buffalo in this contest that they are on top. 14 7. Miami was able to get back into this contest and pirate up. It's seven. A piece on a Devante Parker to your touchdown reception that was set up by Preston Williams. Nice Grab Down at the two yard line. Buffalo challenged it, but the catch was confirmed. Given the Dolphins first down two plays later, Fitzpatrick, uh to Devante. Fourth touchdown, and the point after was good and then moments ago Stefan digs with 23 touchdown reception, capping off five play 84 Yard drive, hitting Buffalo up on top in this contest, 14 to 7. Gosh, Alan for the day 13 of 17 for 222 yards and a pair of touchdowns on the ground. Buffalo with 11 rushes for 80 yards thus far as Miami has no answer to our Buffaloes offensive power today for 20 to go in the first half. Buffalo's driving in Miami is trailing 14 to 7. It's been a good one so far. Lucas Oil Stadium, Let's chicken on the Colts and Vikings. Here's Andrew Smith. And the Indianapolis Colts have just taken a 93 lead on the Minnesota Vikings, thanks to their defense and Hunter Rigoberto Sanchez punted the Vikings down to the one yard line. And Minnesota suffered its third straight three and out, however, on third down and long, Kirk Cousins was sacked in the end zone by the Forest Buckner. Good pass rush by the cold. Nico Audrey got the first contact on cousins. In the end zone and then to forest Buckner cleaned it up. Tio get the safety to put the Colts up 9 to 3. So far. It's really been all cold since Minnesota scored a field goal in the opening Dr Dan Bailey, a 21 yard field goal since then, the Vikings have yet to muster a first down. Well, the Colts have used their running game. Teo really take control of the game and taken 93 leads so far. Jonathan Taylor 69 yards rushing and touchdowns Philip Rivers of six for nine passing. 56 yards you picked off of the five yard line. But then the Colts were able to get the ball right back and score and then drove into Minnesota territory again. On the next drive. A couple of deep shots to T Y Hilton didn't connect one of them. Hilton was open in the end zone and just couldn't really passed in. And that eventually led to the safety. So for 54 to go in the second quarter, the Indianapolis Colts with a 93 lead the end of the football at Lucas Oil Stadium. All right, so the cold's de chipping in as well on a six point lead. It's a four point game in Green Bay, where we go and check in with Bill Rabia. Well, the Lions have 14 to 10 lead. They scored touchdowns on their first two possessions in their possession, was looking pretty promising as well until of offensive. Personal file cost 15 Yard put them in a third and long situations that they could not convert had to punt. For the first month of this football game, the Packers took over thrown 10. Now have it out to midfield. Although there's a holding penalty on the package right now, that'll push back to their own 40 yard line, but Aaron Rodgers warm up a little bit. He's up to 100 yards passing nine of 13 1 touchdown he connected With Aaron Jones from four yards out for the pack has only touched on ur Matt Stafford has just shy of 100, These kind of 16 for 98 yards and a touchdown..

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