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Barbara my name is tara. I'm in from oregon illinois. I was wondering how to deal with Building a small business and a cop and copycat and how to deal with Someone who is trying to come in essentially do everything that you're doing so That's my question. I appreciate it. I appreciate your time and your feedback. Gonna s you. Question was the story. How i learned about copycats. Okay and what they mean and how how. I see it now differently than i did when i was younger. Business person when i was trying to build my real estate business here new york city. I was doing individual sales and rentals like one apartment at a time and finally i realized. Whoa there's a lot of development in new york. I wanna get hold giant buildings three hundred units and so i started calling on developers to get their trade three hundred listings versus one a time. I did the math. That's what i wanted. But i didn't know how to do that. Business a whole different kettle of fish. So i went to someone who's already in the business. Her name was Adrienne alpert who still in the business. I think i went to agent. Albert's office and pretended i was a customer. I'm ashamed of this. But i'll tell you i went into the sales office and pretended i was a customer so that i could see how they ran the operation and every form they use have that could i have that. Could i have this and even slipped if you forms in my purse. Then i went back to my own company and a replicated. All those forms and i knew the mechanism of running a onsite sales job and i opened a few offices all over manhattan with large buildings in effect. I was a thief. I didn't see it that way. I justified but i was a thief. Fancy thief but a thief gay. I was ashamed when i went back to my desk. The following monday's. This is a friday morning following monday. I get a phone recording. From mrs albert wong business. I was terrified to listen to it. And you know what. She said. She said barbara. I understand you're in my sales office at such and such dress and that you are wondering how that onsite business actually operates in that. We were able to help you with a few of the forms. I'm holding my breath feeling the pound in my heart and then she goes on to say just know that. I'll help you in any way that i can. I'll give you all the forms. I'll teach you how the whole business runs. And i'm very very happy to have you as a rival. Here's my number. Call me anytime. I was stunned. I thought what class act. And what a small person i am. I was ashamed. I called her. When i got the courage. I think it took me three days to get over my shame. I finally called for and thanked her. And i became her number one rival and then superseded her and she was always gracious. Here's what i've learned about copycats. It's the highest compliment in the world. Every single business. I invested in shark tank that is exceptional businesses. It's making the most money i copied every day. It's a good sign. It means we're onto something good and what also copycat does. Is it encourages. You insist that you do a better job. It keeps you on the edge. Keeps you on your toes. So when you're having copycats which i hear you are tara. Copycats copycats send them a thank. You know and thank them. At least you had thank food for copying his highest compliment in business you could get and that's all we have time for today if you have a question. Leave me a voicemail in the business unusual hotline eight eight barbara. That's eight eight eight b. a. r. b. a. Aren't a you can also tweet it to me at barbara corcoran and i may just answered on a future episode. You've been listening to business unusual with me. Barbara corcoran come back. next week. to hear more steps and missteps. I took on the path to success search and follow business unusual on iheartradio or subscribe. Wherever you listen to podcasts..

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