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Right from the signing of peterson in my mind to the trading of jeff carter. Now we now. You really have dowdy kobe. Quick and brown. And that's it right and brown probably gonna play together. Doughty's your number defenseman and quick. Currently splitting on peterson. Like that's it. There's no more loose ends Browns dot brown's got a year left on his deal. Quicks got two years left on his deal Dowdy will be here for a while. So will end your first question. You ask yourself. Is he a real kick in our area. And i would say yes. He is real king. When you committed when the cop and the premier your premier player which means You know is ron you Williams right here a real king and he's more of a real kingdom millions. His lungs have won a couple of another team and didn't play as long. Yeah so yeah. I think of them as a real a real king. Yeah the question for me is just. When did it happen right. And i guess for my money it happened sometime in two thousand fourteen. Yeah probably probably but you know when the guy is This is a bags. You know you little sister goes to which one at the littlest. Yeah you're right so she goes to and they haven't thing which they probably had a law school they're called lifers right. Yeah and he's not a lifer right. I started kindergarten right. Started in grade three but she's more of a enemy she's way bigger presence in that school than the kids i know in her class. Lifers right right so you know. She's a real well. So jeff i mean jeff carter to me is the perfect example of why franchises and the kings in particular need a secondary method of honoring players. Right because he'll he'll get a legends night. But that's not enough and i don't think i don't think that his jersey should be retired. Sorry tony already. Jackie wilson. But you can't have feeling every personal yeah and and it's not jeff garters fault but it's like copa..

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