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Sorry. Did we not spend enough time on that earlier? We had to relive those saves any excuse for me to get a bit of chemical brothers in there. Arlo white on the call way. Did you see I thought it was actually really cool what they did on Saturday. Oh here he comes. I'm Jay Jay soccer is a sport to be taken. Seriously. If you're trying to have fun. You're wrong business. They did the thing where they go on the mopeds between the grown awesome target done at grit guys school. All the content all for the clicks. The back of a moped. I'm lead. What brings you joy in life this being an act snark. I know that's not you have a mailbag. We do to soccer pod caught off site. Pottage Email dot com. It's not very timely opener. Sean Roden with Harry Kane out to Maritz, you think Spurs should go out and pick up shit retail. And do you believe he could thrive under potch? There's no way West Ham are going to give Shittu retail to Spurs. This is not happening, and he's agreed terms. With valencia. I'm West Ham of blocked that move as well. So Chitra he'll going anywhere. We'll probably have a lot more to do with what happens with Markle and out of each whose brother has come out and told him how he would very much like to go to China to the Chinese Super League to win titles, which Which is. is. Can you? I'm sorry. Can you say that one more time I America out of its his brother wants Marco to go to China to win titles? All right. Sam narrow more love the pot, and I have two questions for you. I'm an avid fan of football. And I've always been a supporter for Barron Munich never fully committed to an English team. First question moving to New York on the twenty third. I'm wanted to know where you guys recommend to watch my football games. Preferrably a place that has the English pub kind of ambience the barley corn don't own is a very good one. It's an arsenal bar. But it's got that ambience. I always say Caraher is because the food is good, and you can go in there when Liverpool aren't playing and it still it's still good legends football factory. Yeah. I've always enjoyed Baker street Baker street and his another good place. Good food to second question. If Thomas motor were to leave Barron and go to one of the big sixty PL teams, which team do you think he would most help? Well. Golly. This is just like a Spurs trace seriously, though, I can't think of anyone more perfect for just like, I know he's kind of been, you know, off his game slightly from what Byron fans are probably used to. But God would kill for him right now. I think they're win percentages is highest when he plays deal. So ROY love the podcast..

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