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ST. Louis County prosecutor reveals his office has been conducting a secret five month long review of the Michael Brown case to determine whether the Ferguson officer who shot and killed Brown should face charges. Prosecutor Wesley Bell says he cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Darren Wilson committed either murder or manslaughter. I also want to be clear That our investigation does not exonerate Darren Wilson. The question of whether we can prove a case at trial is different. Been clearing him of any and all wrongdoing. There's so many points at which Dan Wilson could have handled the situation differently. The 2014 shooting death was also investigated by the previous ST Louis County prosecutor and the U. S. Department of Justice under President Obama. Both reached the same outcome that there wasn't enough evidence to charge the officer with a crime. A couple of local mayor spent Thursday morning packing 75,000 pieces of personal protective equipment for smaller cities and towns up and down the Mississippi River. Arnold's run counts tells came elects, the PP donated by The Guardian Angels in California will go to places that are dealing with a covert spikes. Along with the heat waves, flooding and or tropical storms, he says. Many of those places are not able to buy their own P p E. Even with FEMA's help people think, well, they'll get their money from FEMA, but you know, they get reimbursed unseen. My after they You know, spend the money And the big problem that I see is a lot of these towns don't really have the money to begin with. So you know how they're gonna get reimbursed if they can't If they can't pay for to begin with. The effort was put together by the Mississippi River Cities and towns Initiative. Brian Kelly, ST Louis is news radio KMOX couple of showers and thunderstorms. Possible overnights with a low around 70. We'll see another shower or thunderstorm possible for the day Friday with a high 84 I'm Alex Stegman came Alexe news. This's America in the morning from Westwood. One news it's Friday, July 31st 2020. I'm John Trout and coming up on America in the morning, My Bob Constantini at the White House, where President Trump floats the idea of delaying the November election because mail in voting can't be trusted. The nation bids its final farewell to civil rights leader in Congressman John Lewis. Rest in peace into Linda Canyon. Washington. Herman Cain falls victim to Corona virus Whitney Wild has that story. Amazon, Apple and Facebook have stellar.

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