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With five minutes and twelve seconds to play and Utah state knocking on the door here They are Utah state. Jordan love Incredible rhythm on. The field stands runner short, of the, goal line secondary Football really. Is inside the one second goal Become the aggies of Utah state out of the huddle three wideout short side left Plus Dax Raymond, on the wing on the, left Thompson to, the left Jordan loved the quarterback shotgun snap a little, bit low picks it up roths. It toward the back end of the end zone incomplete what play by Justin lane it look like Ron Cueva de and Tarver at caught it and the back left corner of the end zone Knocked away by Justin lane Yeah Very good. Play they're just delaying to get that tipped. Out they were both battling for that ball in the. Corner now it's third and. Goal Wait for. The snap back same formation Now looks to. The bench He's got Tarver green and bonds to the left Raymond on the wing on the left Thompson moves to his right and. Utah state's going to take time out the play clock was down to one Charge time out Utah state Let's be a full media, timeout tension in east Lansing Utah state burns, time out with five seven to go in the game the Spartans lead thirty to twenty. Four back in a moment here on the Spartan network When the pain. Started in my knee I didn't think it was a big deal but after a while my husband pointed.

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