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I truly am just honored, humbled, super excited, nervous like the first day of school like a little kid. Her focus will be social justice and equity. She'll take over once, doctor All crews steps down on Octonal August 31st her contract will pay her $325,000 a year. Travis County wants to keep senior citizens away from the polls. County commissioners are looking at the feasibility of sending out mail in ballots to any voters 65 years or older. And that recommendation has the full endorsement of county health Authority. Marquess God must cook them. To really limit the risk of spread, and I I think that's that would be an important step. The current way of doing things requires the simple action of printing out the ballot and mailing it back. But some commissioners want it automatically mailed to seniors. Instead, the county's now figuring out how much that might cost and whether or not there's enough time to get the ball rolling bag. Osborne who's ready, Okay, LBJ President Trump says he's a little bit surprised over Joe Biden picking Kamala Harris. The president says Harris attacked Biden during the debates. He made a terrible statement. Essentially called him a racist. Austin public health has advice for business is hoping to get their workers back after the employees test positive for covert 19 Alternate health authority. Dr. Jason Pickett says some bosses have required workers to get tested twice after recovering before allowing them back on site, he says that is not the best practice. We discovered that with the types of tests that we use what it's called the PCR test that people tend to have a positive test result for weeks. Even months after they have cleared the infection, he and the CDC say if it infected worker has been in isolation for a least 10 days since they've started having symptoms haven't had a fever in 24 hours and are feeling better. I get to come back to work. John Cooley NewsRadio Kale, BJ Little Rabbit was asked yesterday. What would it take for him to allow bars to reopen if we were.

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