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Across america. It's Red Eye Radio. Rick Roberts in for the guys in. Thank you so much for being a part of the show. I mean that I'm a caller driven show. If you haven't figured that out. If you missed any of this morning show, the podcast of the full five hour show goes online soon at redeye radio show dot com. That's Red Eye Radio show dot com or you can install the Red Eye Radio app from your app store. It's just that simple. I gotta give you this before. I back out of here. Elizabeth warren. I guess the Democrats haven't gotten the messy jet. Black people aren't stupid, Hispanic people aren't stupid, Elizabeth Warren. I call her the screaming Mimi, she was asked to speak to the graduates at Morgan state university. And then she went on a three minute rant that the government has dramatically discriminated against black people in America. And your only salvation your only hope you're only way to see a brighter. Happier day is if you vote for Democrats, you know, even telling the black community for fifty years, you're going to do this and you're going to do. But by the way, what happened to all that money from my brother's keeper the tens of millions of dollars didn't end up in the black communities. It had ended up someplace where where to go. Bama, you're still around DC. Thank you could give us an answer to them. That's going to do it. For me. Rick roberts. Thanks to.

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