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And generously subsidised parking listed in southern promotes a stable fulfilling and challenging environment with an emphasis on excellence and continued career development it's all part of western and southern efforts to make cincinnati great place to live work play enjoying life and death rot 700 wlw yeah quiet skull broadcasting guys segment of special guest is here not judge leslie ghiz but chip hard from clermont county and he's unhappy because akg tnt talk in these days smug about ten minutes okay okay good cia high say he's a great man but he's not a perfect man nobody's perfect only one guy is sees grey guy did i think i don't think so too yes yes there's nothing to shoot there's nothing to kill there's nothing going on there really happening is that the air fish little bit of fishing there's lots of road kill i don't want it is this time of year latte of it it's like whole families of racoons and possums the on the other night right up there in seventy five at seventy one hole size zia right there it's whole families about that that's about it wall i love fishing year in air this is canada the call before the storm you think about the intelligence meter yesterday evening this joe or where years of age boys who thought it might be wise to play dodds him on i two 75 at rushhour let's have some funds now when you boys seventeen eighteen sixteen with nothing to do in the summertime did you say you know what god's to seventy five at five o'clock out enough force park let's play dodge them with car what was to seventy five what they're or what.

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