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This just in to the KT. Our newsroom vice President Mike Pence just received the Corona virus vaccine. He was joined by second Lady Karen Pence and U. S Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who also got vaccinated. They will get a second shot in three weeks from right now, especially want to thank the fine medical team. At Walter Reed. Hospital that administered our vaccine today. I didn't feel a thing. He didn't feel a thing. We'll have more on this breaking news coming up in less than 15 minutes, and you could get breaking news notifications right to your phone by downloading the key to our news app. And for more on this story, go to K t a r dot com. Katya our news time 60 wait. All right, Let's get a look at your future's real quick down. Futures right now are up five. The S and P is up about four and the NASDAQ is up nine in five minutes. Son. Arizona's morning news cardinals are playing for getting to the playoffs for the first time in five years. It looks like they've got a shot of getting into the playoffs. We'll talk with Katya ours. Paul Calvi see who will be at the city and one of the very few people that will be at the stadium is not a coach or a player, or ref coming up in five minutes on Arizona's morning news. Wanna hear how almost got off the naughty list. This year, I helped send Asik zillions by having him download capital one shopping to his computer capital. One shopping instantly searches for available coupon codes and automatically applies them a check out. You can download it, too, and save a bundle. You don't even need a capital One card, and it's free. So why didn't I get off the naughty list? Turns out Santa's a stickler.

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