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Okay and oh so you are there at your club. The Lucky Devil Lounge and you all look so fabulous and welcome to the Dr Susan Bloch. Show yeah. We're so excited to have you. We're so in awe of your creativity in dealing with a difficult situation ache. You thank you appreciate it on your show. Yes absolutely now. You're all wearing masks. I feel like I should put my little betty boop mask back on. So I'm yes absolutely and I want you to tell me more about what you do. You are a Portland based Strip club and you were selling food because everybody does does if you have alcohol you gotTa have food right in the state of Oregon. You have to have to serve food along with Serving alcohol right so so you were already serving all this good food and then you got the news like everybody else kind of suddenly but gradually that everything was closing. And how did this come up in your head? So basically I had jumped on twitter and just said I just announced. Hey were were. Were closing the bar down before getting. Try to keep the kitchen open. We'RE GONNA try to keep the employees going and I said as a joke We're going to send strippers to your doorstep. And they're going to deliver the food to topless recall at Buber and I said that tweet out. On the sixteenth of I woke up on Saint Patrick's Day on seventeenth looked at my phone in the morning. It is gone crazy like people were re posting it and ask all these questions like do you deliver here. How much us the whole deal off my head like I think we. I think we can do this. I think we can make this work. So I just text the few employees and we got together on Saint Patrick's Day and that was our first day of turning the SOD strip into food. Delivery Service Wild. Well that's quite ingenious and obviously it was an idea whose time would come and perhaps come again and And so these are the ladies that you have here. Are these the ladies that deliver the food? These are all the ladies. I work here. We just finished our food delivery service so we just had a great night We also along with our Food Delivery Service. We ended up putting up tents out in our parking live. And now we're going to go. You can basically try to through the tent at. It's basically like a drive through. Strip club now so you cannot so you can drive through now. We have two stages a DJ dancer. Polls everybody's six feet away from each other.

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