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He said his own opinion that motion wrap it up quick and get this thing over with his attorney in the country and now we have we we have some changes over the legal team and the market is down four hundred fifty points so now the president in about fifty minutes is going to announce tariffs against china what are your reaction to that because china's poised to hit us back with tariffs i am worried i mean china does a lot of unacceptable things in terms of enforcing american companies to share some of their intellectual property their their trade secrets and so we have to be tough with china but i think tariffs are just gonna lead to one of these tit for tat that are gonna end up hurting our workers in our economy maybe more than they hurt china's so there may be better ways to deal with china and i think particularly the threats to put tariffs on some of our close allies at a time when we're trying to bring them together on solving north korea or fixing the iran deal pushing tariffs right now is kind of productive here's what peter navarro said who's engineering the president's trade policy cut twenty five china's doing a lot better with this trade relationship than we are it's three hundred seventy billion dollars trade surplus in goods that they run with us every year so i i don't see them wanting to jeopardize that they know they know what they've been doing and taking us and actually fly probably surprised that finally a president is willing to stand up for the american people and for american companies well do you do you do you do you support his point of view well i just don't think tariffs are going to make.

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