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Ends okay so thing though is one of the best preserves in the world because and it's been closed off from the uh yellow river north to the uh the fence since 1950 in so it's become a preserve of of a wonderful array of foul and the ground animals and and such an and actually the troops would go out hunting or hunting areas makes sense all kinds of clinton's which would survive in that kind of an environment so when you on patrol typically i would suspect the you're patrols were once water platoon size normally yeah they were anywhere from five to ten never large never small lead in the 5 to 10 ranges squad a squad minus okay and i would presume you were never in or only very rarely in major firefights you would is more of a four or five rounds exchange one way couple returned fire yeah and they're literally in rarely ever see who your shooting at is that right out in normally didn't engaged for a long time when he thumped in somebody out there that the a quick fight and everybody would back off quick because you don't want to get caught out there it you know th by that time everybody throwing their q r s in there that quick relief forces go in we all had quickly forces with armored personnel carriers and they would go racing in and i nobody wanted to be there when the other guys quick reaction force got their first did you even see the people know sometimes you'd see a head or or a body disappearing but it wasn't like uh you were knows the nose like you were often in vietnam it was it was a dirtier kind of war in that it was all ambush everything was ambushed and so the encounter would be either you bump into him or he urged you come in and he goes into a quick gambushe and then you get hit did you see yes we did the same thing of course we would go out into the two are part of the dmz our troops never crossed uh we were not allowed to cross and had no desire to but we did send out patrols that would lay a night ambushes because that night is when the north koreans would try to get celts was a sense i i i don't know the.

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