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Take hey guys. I haven't starting at all saying it's monday bitch but i know some of you. Don't get to tuesday wednesday thursday. Eh so happy day of the week. That's just what i'm gonna say. <hes> i am super excited about this episode. We are actually actually sitting across from one of our listeners emailed us and i loved her story so much broader in the studio book before we get started john. No this is horrible decisions. I'm your girl mandy aka and and i am with my lovely co host hi easy and we have an amazing <hes> yesterday where i guess before we do i will let let them know who you are and we'll get right into the shit's so introduce yourself and let kind of our listeners know your status are not not not thaddeus but like your sexual orientation she legal you right. No you're not worried about ice or anything. No just introduce yourself to our audience. Sorry all right so i'm caroline tony. Eh <hes> i ride a sex blah call tales of tony about my dating life and dating poly-amorous namananga asli and and i'm bhai flexible by flexible. What does that mean that means that. I do not need pussy but i like it so from time to time that's me i don't need it but i like it sometimes so word for that. I didn't know that's my word probably like fluid like maybe fluid by flexible. Okay that works better. I like that explains a lot because i'm definitely bisexual. See you require more often like you like it and you want it often often in all the time. I think about it a lot. Yes e c yeah if there and it's like ooh drug. We haven't found each pussy but i don't really like i want to listen. Listen you fuckers sober. Damn don't come from me. I don't think i'd be so but when i drink. I really turn gay like i like women. When when i'm drunk wait wha- what we the eu lincoln over there. I'm not gonna say i'm thinking like yeah. I don't think i've been with once-over honestly like like ever been a threesome. Wow wow yeah. I know now that you said that i meant. I may need to think about this. This may be something. I need to bring up at. They're not going to have to be m. Yes get no not me. I'm not gonna lie like <unk> happens in two p._m. And then you want. It's funny because i'm i'm starting like a list of things like with these conversations even a episode in conversation. We just had of how i view relationships. I'm literally starting list of maybe like topics because i do want to tackle once i find the right there <hes> and especially 'cause i've been talking to joel la and he thinks oh my god i do nothing but deflects my problems uh-huh and he's like you need project yeah project deflect whatever he'd be saying and so even with his patients interviewing fucking nicki menaj. Did you learn that from there because it's though 'cause like i was just i could not so before we get into our vanilla shit. I know y'all are just like like damn y'all polly by flexible. She pussy okay but what makes her special wider job. Bring her on because everyone bring me on the show and we will be like well. What makes you special. I'm fine. I have six. We ever got a girl that i said i literally wrote back. She did what makes you and your best friend so special. She's like we are just a ball of fun. We we do so much hoesch and everyone thinks we're crazy and i wanted to write back and say have you listened to me and mandy pretty much and what would add to that. She's like we've just got the best stories that's literally and we were like no response to seriously like dive in with somebody about like what like tell me historian. I'm starting this new podcast about drunk storytelling and just gathering content. It really comes from people in bars or like dude. I've got the best story. I'm like okay. Tell me fucked this girl. She threw up in my apartment. You think that's that is not that crazy. People like what subjective too crazy like. We've had people belong here who like to fuck shoes right road acid hamster blend in jamaica. Yes so me and my friends went switch. We wanted to make my friend's birthday and we went to this nightclub. Quote shades hedonism. No i saw this in jamaica club law club a nightclub. I love not a strip club. Whatever that means sex onstage some lady not her as she brings out a champagne bottle of sparkling whatever and six hundred regina that was andre bitch and then it goes in and she squirts it out like a fountain of vagina juice. Mix champs was it's funny because my dad on on the <hes> the pussy show in thailand. She did it with water but as soon as they started squirting us at the bar. We said no we're done. We want to see you. Maybe ping pong. I would rather see someone square champagne. I'm such a bad like ph over here about her. Shampoo for example a you know when you watch something and you're like affected at what's going on with them like like watching an accident or like watching something. That's painful like just knowing. There's that much acidity think about when you swallow champagne really fast how you feel that you barked like it. Come right up your pussy. The it's just thinking before a again why caroline or do you want to do tony air. Ah caroline name while she is an amazing guests and also fits right into the horrible -ness of this show <hes> one of the things things that really pointed out to me and her email. Would you like to share it or am. I okay with saying you can say okay so <hes> one of the things that pointed out not only is she. Polly holly not only is she into <hes> the casual dating and having multiple partners and enjoying sex clubs like myself <hes> in her blog. She shares that that ten years ago she found out she was h._i._v. To positive <hes> which is the happy the herpes simplex and so if you guys know we've already done episode on herpes so this is not going to be a herpes episode however there's so many other things that you can have win win. You are having sex when you're clubs if you are an apology relationship if you're just having sex with one person you can't catch something so this conversation chen will lead more into having that conversation how you open up to your partners and we're literally going to dive in on all the goodness that you guys have even emailed into us on. Hey i have this. How how do i tell my partner <hes> so the first okay. I'm gonna call you right back. I'm recording my homegirl staying at my house while long gone so so further vanilla shit this week this one. I think ties to a lot of us and i wanted to ask you your opinion on this. A sex researcher are revealed the number of partners that your brain can handle dating at once so apparently study says with bumble tender hinge and and various other dating apps at our fingertips. The number of eligible romantic partners has become almost too high to count however according to a sex researcher endless options and is it necessarily a good thing when it comes to dating as our brains can only handle a certain number of partners <hes> let me see if they say the actual number of partners that they he said <hes> it's of course dealing with getting to know multiple people at once having emotional connection to our numeral three you say to three. I think it depends on on your emotional capacity but i know three's enough right now. I have a beard bases irs and only room for one other person really so here's my question because they say that the concept of over dating is actually hindering someone's chances at finding love. Do you feel you'll like these. Dating apps are hindering you guys from finding love or dating multiple partners would hinder you from being in love. No no no i don't yeah i think that's a really asinine answer. Think about like. I mean look. I was in sales for what eight years literally it's all a numbers game okay you you gotta hit it until you get there right like i don't really think that just because i'm not focusing on one person i'm but i am also a firm believer. That like what's meant for me is meant for me like i don't feel good. I can make somebody want me. I don't think that like you know i you know work on a relationship to make better because in the end it might fail because you weren't the person for me so now i think when you meet that person you meet them. I also think there's a reason for over dating because that one person is probably not satisfy satisfying all arenas exact whereas like we're starting to learn learned that like through non monogamy you can have a partner or partners that do it all right. That's why i have beard bay in scissors and someone else right like that. I'm dating because they all fulfil different areas so that's what <hes> the dating grew james priests previously told the independent that over dating is counterproductive because rather within focusing on someone who might be a great match. You'll be thinking about the next ones so when dating whether you're polly dating where you want to be monogamous if you're dating multiple multiple people. Do you find that okay because this person doesn't satisfy this instead of trying to find a compromise or like you said you just seek it in someone else. Does that seemed counterproductive in trying to actually just find love with. Maybe one person that like you get what i'm saying. Yeah i was monogamous for almost all my life life. I'm only recently stepped into the polycom monogamous like this year okay yeah like this year <hes> and even with my relationships and trying so hard to be monogamous remiss in trying so hard to find this my love of my life. It didn't work. There was always something that was missing. It was always something now was a fulfilling me. There was always something. I wasn't happy about with the relationship asia ship. I was other sacrificing what truly love for myself to make them happy or they didn't like what i like so therefore i just kept it. Aside only did things on my friends or only things here and it wasn't my full self in the relationship. Oh so i was like i decided that it wasn't for me. Were you raised in a household where monogamy was the only relationship option that you knew of. I knew when i was young so always nerve rosettes always knew that it was out there johannesen todd assault exactly but i never are adapted it but i knew very on that idea of having one person forever like wouldn't you get what were always in the back of brain but you're to-to find one person and be a one person as they won't person awesome forever and being with this virus contract that it was like you need to find one person as the only person going for the rest of your life was like well. This didn't work many times over. This is bullshit so so eventually so who who actually told you that when you when you found out that you were positive with h._i._v. I i've had friends that are like fuck. I have it now now. My dating life is over <hes>. Were you pretty much told. You need to find someone else. Who has it now and y'all live happily and that's it or like well. No that's not what happened so i'll give give a little backtrack a free spirit as i like to call it prior to contracting her because i was living my best life still idaho. I like to call it a free spirit though because this sounds career free-spirited fish gave username when i lived into those free spirit.

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