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Joe Biden has wrapped up the Democratic convention accepting the party nomination for president, saying he's proud to carry the Democratic banner into the general election. A speech that was a mix of sobering and hopeful Joe Biden said the nation is in need of change amid the pandemic, economic crisis and racial injustice issues. You know, American history tells us And I spent on our darkest moments. We made our greatest progress after his speech, fightin was met by his wife, Jill and Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug, for a celebration of fireworks over the city. Alex Stone. ABC NEWS, Wilmington, Delaware. President Trump says the rest of his former adviser, Steve Bannon is sad. Trump says he wasn't involved in the build the wall fundraiser We're Bannon allegedly defrauded. Don't know nothing about the project other than I didn't like When I read about it. I didn't like it. I said this is for government. This isn't for private people. And it sounded to me like showboating, and I think I let my opinion be very strongly stated at the time. I didn't like it was showboating and maybe looking for funds. Marita Blashill, moving ahead with plans to have kids returned to the classroom in New York City next month. But Younkers says they're going to begin the school year with all remote learners joins the growing list of schools going all virtual for the start of the school year and plans to switch to blended learning October 5th with kids in class two days a week. City Councilman Brad Lander, meanwhile, has suggested moving school outside if not for classes, at least for lunch. When kids have to take off their math and list Stockton. Rosie needs more news. Some way service could be cut because of a vandalism spree over the last couple of months. 39 windows were smashed on the seven.

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