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Leak stink pet Benetton and Neil Giraldo with Melissa Ethridge and many more summer has never sounded better tickets on sale now at draft dot org. Discount travel sites. They have the best prices, but Hilton dot com has the price match guarantee. Look me in the eye. If you find a better rate, they match it and take twenty five percent off. Yep. Well, this is radio. So just stare at the radio is the best prices can peace swear, or, you know, radius fare, plus you can choose your exact room and get free wifi cross, my heart. Stick a needle in my radio. Expect better tech Hilton must be a Hilton honors member applicable, terms and conditions Hilton dot com. Pinky swear. Your cell phones. Your tablet, your tablets connected to your laptop laptops connected to your life by one week Lincoln. These are in the digital world is so connected. These days it just takes one week link for criminals to get in good thing. Lifelock. Identity theft protection includes the power of north security to watch out for threats in today's connected world. Smart. Tvs connected to your smartwatch threats to your identity like your info for sale on the dark web and online threats to your devices like ransomware, no one can prevent all identity theft or cybercrime or monitor all transactions at all businesses. But lifelock with Norton detects a wide range of threats to your identity and devices. And if there's a problem our agents will work to fix it. Connected to your video doorbell video doorbells can. Join now and get ten percent off your first year. Just go to lifelock dot com slash radio. That's lifelock dot com slash radio to save an extra ten percents off.

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