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Hurt and were you experiencing like a cognitive dissonance where you're like one frame another frame one frame another frame you know what i mean he uh i struggle with it i'm being honest with you i i struggle with both of these things because it's like i still experience problems in fact a lot of hassan's work most of his oneman show for instance is about how racism has messed with them left him feeling like he wasn't good enough the third grade or is this a fire rosanna since i i would you want be new grow up some kids like islands i wanna be an agenda because what i wanna be an nba player as i only why would you mean as i want this are my skin so in his comedy her son clearly feels the need to call out and confront racism in this country but the blatant in the more subtle forms of it to throw stereotypes back at white america that show the entitled way whites move through the world wiz most of us don't even see i have this sort of joke i kinda amina whereas like i'm fighting for a world honestly were my kids and children can have the same confidence white people have when they dance to ever see no serious to not on rhythm they're kinda making up as they go along with the sheer confidence of course i should be dancing in the middle of the dance floor in what is rhythm what does matter and what i watch white people do that and i go that's why you guys were able to run the world that's what colonialism that's how twelve people from britain came over to india and relic it's our country we're going to just run it that is so that's what hassan is talking publicly still privately.

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