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Lenox Carson Gardena for sports for the group seven victims were homeless, the prosecutor says the gang members would troll the streets in two cars looking for anyone to shoot. In one case, she says one of the targets got away. So they went after the next two people. They saw two homeless people trying to get Dale doughnut. It's the crimes happen in late two thousand fifteen in early twenty sixteen the street gang was primarily made up of Pacific islanders. The are all now facing more than one hundred years to life in state prison. When sentence later this year, Karen Adams Canucks, ten seventy NewsRadio. Governor Brown is vetoed. Two bills seeking to expand the rights of immigrants living in the country illegally and protect them from deportation. One Bill would have allowed anyone to serve on state, boards and commissions, regardless of their immigration status. Bronzes requiring citizenship is a better pass another sought to prohibit immigration authorities from the making for making arrests inside courthouses, that's key point of contention between California officials and the Trump administration. Brown says he supports the intent of the Bill but believes it may have unintended consequences new rents control initiative on the November ballot. So widely unpopular across the state. Even among renters new poll from the public policy institute of California finds roughly half of likely voters oppose profit ten. It would restore the ability of cities across the. H to an axe strong, rents control laws. Just thirty six percent in favor of the measure sixteen percents undecided. Seventeen have been charged in connection to a string of brazen. Robberies more than a million dollars in electronics from apple stores throughout the state. Attorney general over Sarah says the defendants wore hoodies and entered apple stores in large groups snatching, ipads, iphones and other merchandise. In seconds, robberies were carried out in nineteen counties..

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