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Weekend highlighting okay all righty I joke on top for good job come okay that that any time later in a letter is rolling in diving ET you know the lack of bathrooms and sanitation leaving the unsheltered homeless less protected against the coronavirus so this is slightly different than what the city council member had said I think a couple of days ago weeks ago saying oh no they're not I'm more of a threat than anyone else you know it means like don't single them out they'll be afraid of them but then later on they said actually they are more of a threat because I don't have sanitation you don't have any hand washing stations you don't have anything that allows them to take the normal precautions of the rest of us take yes so the the threat is that they are not serviced like most of us wash your hands we have plenty of access to washing our hands on interestingly enough Seattle unlike maybe it's sister cities like Los Angeles in Berkeley and San Diego we do not have hand washing stations for the homeless like those three cities do we lack those kind of mobile tools because of a philosophical difference that we have in terms of our approach I found this really fascinating The Seattle Times article that we are focused on things like shelter but do not want to make have bathroom facilities and hand washing availability to you know at hand because then people might get comfortable in having access to showers and and the toilets and hand washing situations and so we feel like that might make them not want to get up and move out so our philosophy in this long before the crown viruses are flaws it was no we don't want to have too many hand washing stations in place to go to the bathroom we want to make life inconvenient will focus on the shelter for them but the problem with that approach is that and that Hey that affects so few people compared if we just had bathroom facilities or hand washing stations so I'm like LA Berkeley and San Diego our philosophy is getting in the way of how we're dealing with this with the corona virus in the homeless because they can't even wash their hands of so most bathrooms are closed down early like to twenty four seven bathrooms in the entire city most of the other ones are closed down by six or something and they say that this is an interesting philosophical difference and now Seattle might be paying the price of it because we don't have I haven't made them is available yeah I was skeptical of that take so I looked up to the man March fifteenth two thousand eighteen in the headline is rare infectious disease alarming rate for the Seattle homeless concerning and then I found out that the king County Board of health had a special meeting Dr John Lynch was there and they passed a resolution VAT urging more sanitation and hygiene services for unsheltered homeless at the meeting that official described their effort increased toilets hot water hand washing stations the city's six sanctioned encampments during hand washing kits to it so I guess they passed a resolution and then I guess they did they put money behind it when they keep saying that we don't want to make things too comfortable it doesn't sound like Seattle may if you spend a hundred million dollars or more king county spent a billion dollars and all sorts of homeless services it seems like we want people to be as comfortable as possible will let you sleep wherever you'd like we're not going to ask you to move or take responsibility for your behavior and will even ask you if you'd like to go get some medical services are to be able to get off of drugs we don't push anybody we give them plenty of time to move to the next place and set up another tent Seattle has long provided resisted providing such widespread hygiene and sanitation services for people living outside out of a concern that to do so would imply the camps are permanent that so that's yeah so it looks like we've set things up with and why we can't do a sweep in six months right or two months or whatever and because of that there is that over concern and by the way the city room in response to this information and sell times gathered thank said quote we have well over one hundred publicly accessible facilities offering toilets showers or both and then Seattle times points out but few are regularly accessible according to an auditor's report only six city funded restaurants were available twenty four seven so and public restrooms are enough to ensure someone can maintain high levels of hygiene it's just an end using off approach right now if we could get hand washing at least that to them right now doing the grunt of ISIS viruses might help like Los Angeles Berkeley and San Diego is already done I've already done there's this guy who is homeless is name is Anthony Clark he talks about he dances down soda you know you have to.

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