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I love doing this. Let me know when I can come back, I will absolutely less, you wait a sec. I don't know if I've ever asked you who's your favorite wrestler. I can't ever answer that, well, what was your favorite wet wrestler? When you were six years old. I didn't watch until I was probably eight or nine. And when you're right, I think I would say, oh man, 'cause they don't like looking back like and I'm not trying to get the answer because I went through and gone. He was no no. It's it, it sounds like a simple question. Yeah. And people who don't understand, you know, they, they just don't know how loaded the question is, it's great. It is, like my I didn't like I'd like to say, oh, there was one guy that made me watch wrestling, but I kind of, like when I tuned in and started seeing the Awa. And it was my only choice, it was Bobby the brain Heenan cutting promos for Nick winkle. It was just even Tura in Adrian a Donaldson. This kind of odd couple dynamic. Just worked in a way that just it just worked and Jesse being colorful and talking about Turkey town, one and Turkey town to Minneapolis Saint Paul and, and Adrian donnas from, from Brooklyn, New York. And then you had the crusher and mad dog. And these enduring ganja older baby faces near the end and they were they were compelling to me. But it crusher Jerry Blackwell, one of my favorite restaurants, even though he's a hero time. Crusher jerry. Like when I look back at what made me a fan of wrestling, it wasn't so much. I love her in ganja. It was the he'll promos that it wasn't like I was some ironic fan who liked to cheer heels it wasn't that at all. But the wrestlers who made me watch wrestling, and get addicted to it every week where let me tell you something being Jean. What do you mean on time, those black hole promos and what he could do in the ring for a big guy? So it really was mostly the colorful, Awa heels Bobby Heenan, and Jesse Ventura and crusher Blackwell. And then the baby faces were kind of for me. They were. Playing Dino Bravo against crusher Blackwell, or the high flyers. Ganja. Bruns Zell against the east west connection Kurd Haning. My first wrestling show and made eighty one Kurt heading if, if Adrian if credential lasts ten minutes in the ring with Adrian a Don. It's been Larry extending would get his hand on Adrian afterwards crusher against Jesse and opposed down and crush your and it was based on fan. Cheers and Jesse dead. The, you know, the, the rear deltoid latte, pose and all the bodybuilding stuff in the be like he'd pose like he was drinking the finishing off a cake, and it has the ring. A bell toys me g look at the rear down. So if of course, crusher got the pan cheers and Jesse Ventura through fit. So like it, I didn't have like a favorite wrestler. But I was cheering like mad as a ten year old. When I went to the to see gone ganja and his retirement match against Nick Bach winkle. So in that sense, the high fliers for ganja crusher and mad dog were my favorite baby faces, and then I got to experience as a kid through kids gla-, you know, through the lens of a kid, whole coconut, jojoba, mania, being born, and I was a hoax maniac. You know, when in the birth of that in the Awa, so those are the early ones, but when you get once I get into doing the newsletter, it's just it's hard to say I appreciate I appreciate so many wrestlers but saying, I have favorite. It's just kinda hard to hard to pinpoint or even look at it in that way, if that makes sense, I know it makes perfect sense because it's you can't you get to the point where it's like, you know, you've seen so much wrestling that freight train as your favorite wrestler. You know. Yeah. Or like you know it's, it's. It becomes say..

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