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Writers dreamed of a studio embrace their work, and you guys are writer directors. But at the same time, John Christine ski fell in love with your script. And you had to decide do you try and pursue directing and on your own or. Have a completely bankable adept star take it onto direct tell us about the difficulty in that Joyce 'cause I'm sure there was a moment of hesitation somewhere. Maybe there wasn't. I mean, it also is like you go on a journey like John had directed to incredible character dramas, but it wasn't necessarily like the obvious choice that you would think to direct the film, but what was great about both John. And Emily when they read the script was the idea that they connected to it on a very visceral level like they just had a kid. Who was they were three weeks into parenting their second child at the time. And so they connected to it so strongly and so there was that aspect, but there was also the aspect like before they even came on board. We were we were talking to platinum dunes are like who's your dream gas for this like if you could have anybody it's like, well, we're not going to get her by Emily blonde is pretty good, you know, and maybe somebody who similar to Emily blunt who would do this type of move. He's like really kind of like beating around the Bush like when we got the phone call that they had read the script, and they were all. In it was so confusing. We were just like wait, John Kaczynski, Emily blunt. We're like hanging out together because they're both famous actors, and they were just like passing scripts over to we didn't get it. They're like, no, they're married like, oh, okay. That's interesting. They're married and they wanna play the married couple. And it would just like, you know, it's like how do you turn that down? And it just felt like and even like when we started watching the film. It's just like the authenticity that they bring as a real life couple. And also as two of the most talented actors of their generation is, you know, ultimately, it's a blessing. What was the budget scheduled for this? And they were going to get into the spoiler. Right. I mean, the the budget is report is somewhere between seventeen to twenty. So it's still, you know from a studio standpoint, it's still pretty nimble in the shooting schedule. I think was around like thirty two thirty six days all told so again like that all things considered on a big studio movie. Like, that's not the same resources that you have. And the other thing that we were really impressed by with all production team as they went into production. They wrapped. November twenty seventeen and the film premiered at south by southwest like five months later and the post production process of that was breakneck speed considering all the sound design all the via fax of the marketing that you have to do. So we weren't sure is it going to come together. But we are Hughes came together it it made one hundred eighty eight million dollars domestic one hundred fifty two million dollars foreign for three hundred forty million dollars worldwide cume so it really touched a nerve with audiences. It went fantastic. And as we sit here tonight now that we're going to get into the spoiler section you guys with John who came on as a writer as well ended up getting WGN nominated. So congrats on your nomination as well. Thank you. Thank you so much. We still can't believe it when when I first moved out here. And my dad came out and helped me move out. We were at the grove at the farmer's market eating food, and I remember like pointing across the street to the writers guild building. And I was like dad one day, my dream is to be a part of the writers guild like that would be so cool. So we didn't even dream this big. It's we're very grateful. We'll get grits SU Tillis this. I'm curious about lift turns. Now that we're in the spoilers will tell us something that was maybe on the page that never was shot..

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