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Few years well happy new year I'm shedding same syndicate tear each golf because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center wow do you think is hot showers throughout the afternoon hours highs upper fifties tonight cloudy periods of rain Lowes big fifties that by tomorrow for the same periods of rain and sixty three by Friday mixes such on a cloud sixty two I'm Gregg Ross of the weather channel fifty six of the KJRH not school gaming weather center it's twelve thirty one our top story just after midnight a sixty one year old woman was with her family in northwest Harris County lighting fireworks then she was hit by a stray bullet the man who took aim at a congregation of the North Texas church had been repeatedly given food to himself by that church president trump says that he will sign of phase one trade deal with China on January fifteenth that is new year's address England's prime minister Boris Johnson promised to quote wastes no time in pushing brexit through and J. J. watt has been added to the Texans active roster ahead of Saturday's first round playoff game against the bulls north Korea's leader Jim Kim Jong un says today that he has vowed to continue developing weapons and promised to show off a new one soon Sally Adams newsradio seven forty KJRH this report is sponsored by text dot drive through Texas keep in mind that don't mess with Texas actually means don't litter keep our Texas roads cleaning beautiful by holding I delivered so you get to a trash can always keep a litter free state of mind and don't mess with Texas a message brought to you by text dot more than two thirds of CBT products failed lab tests and contain dangerous toxins that's what a recent university study from spruce CBT is lab grade made in the USA organic and free of toxins Jacqueline in Vermont I'll never be without.

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