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Seven missing sailors aboard the uss fitzgerald has been called off the bodies were found around in the flooded compartments of the us navy destroyer which collided with a container ship off the coast of japan the navy says it's lodging multiple investigations into this incident there will likely be civilian investigations as well one of the things that the civilian side will look at is why that massive containership turned and made this giant uturn just minutes before it collided with the destroyer the military's going to look at why it is that this destroyer was syllabus sophisticated equipment and radar equipment on the planet was not able to detect that container ship bearing down on it got been abc news los angeles a man is dead after a house fire a milwaukee's north side that police say was intentionally sent police have obtained cell phone video of a woman breaking windows and dumping liquid into the home near twelve and right before sending it on fire barbara jelcz was in the house at the time but was able to get out through a broken window i care about face was cut out or anything i just want to seventy two year old willy greer was not able to make it out however and died in the home no arrests have been made but police are investigating it as an arson homicide police in northern wisconsin say a school bus driver in tomahawk pressure to student on the bus to come to his home and had unwanted physical contact with her fifty one year old james schmidt was charged fraud with child enticement child abduction and stocking schmidt convinced the 15yearold girl to stay on the bus while he dropped off other students and then took her to his house sports traffic and weather or next wtmj news time eight o three some call the man recruited the challenge paul ryan next fall a leader of the trump resistance steve says he should be called the carpet bagger instead he explains of us give bdnf hillstead show podcast on the wtmj mobile app for multibrand there's no better place to be them right here at griffin shovel way lisa ran in two thousand seventeen with only one fifty or of thousands his arrival boris lowest to forty seven among checkout griffin shoveling guaranteed any offer by five hundred though today's the day for breath away.

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