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Night. You can order a Muck Bang Menu and they will give you a stand for your phone and you can video tape herself eating this and putting it up on Youtube that makes me laugh out loud. How how exactly that is crazy. That makes me laugh insane okay. I'm not go to that one because that we spend an hour just talking about just how crazy that is. The beauty of humanity makes me cry and the foibles the foolishness sometimes if people made me laugh in in a parallel universe who are you. What do you do. Oh I have no idea honestly I have no idea I only know one life. I only know one set of choices. I've made I spend no time thinking about <music> out what if should have would have playful so has your mom was an artist. You dead was a lawyer you you. Maybe maybe you guess a musician. I guess yeah I guess particularly I. I spend no time thinking about it. That's why I can't look through Maybe a singer. You're very cool any particular kind of sin now. Gosh you've taken it way past. I I was thinking about it. Does the idea entirely in mind I I you know somebody asked the question came out of we were out of Work Kim with or their corporate team and the codes looked me one day and said in a parallel universe. What would you be. I know I don't think about anything else. I love what I do a my wife. My wife is actually my business. Partner is just go for Soda and she goes who you kidding. I go watch because you'd be Gardner an interest. That's true I would 'cause. I Love I love and I don't think about it but when I'm there that's the only thing that exists so it's very recode an interesting thought thank you. You're welcome as we finish <hes> one of the things I like to always finish way is to ask my guests to show one piece of very practical advice. I think you've probably already advice that you'd like for our listeners out of us to go go away and put into action perfectly in the next twenty four hours so they can actually take in what it is that you've been sharing with us well to good solve. Don't worry about what other people say about you. Don't let it get under your skin. Worry about the choices you make every day. The rest will fall into place fantastic Kelly. It's been a real pleasure. I want to thank you for taking the time to be with us. Today is wonderful and my pleasure would you please share with our audience where they can find out more about you and all the wonderful resources you asked to offer. Yes please go to CARLY FIORINA DOT COM. If you have an organization that you think might benefit from our work you can also find out where to get the book there or the podcast or all the myriad of other programs we offer Carly Fiorina Dot Com. Thank you so much and you can hang out with other conscious. It's just leaders and chat about this episode steps owns by simply going to facebook Lincoln into groups there and you can chat about these shows and

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