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Heart to is that that we were talking about the ethics if you lack of advertising ethics it becoming really important in businesses well what you stand for and whether what you stand for is delivered in the way that you operate is not just words so say for example with your business nomo's fascinated for those who come in and take the time to talk to us through the stores you set up a business against the big boys as it were you you had these massive international culprits and you had to set up on your way win at what stage of your business creation did you side what your ethics of the business we're going to be the only ways ethics and they say right at the start james i mean rocked the star in fact there is a book out called the power of purpose got coach john o'brien on interviewed a lot of ceos are delighted to be in their loan with king of shaves right at the start the pab's the king shares was not only to deliver great shave but what am i ipr pieces were actually be written about how environmentallyfriendly my tiny little butlers shaving oil wars in 1993 and that that i think is is the lesson that needs to be learn whether it's by oxfam whether it's by big advertizes whether it's by big companies small companies that ethics if you if you say say for example that oxfam they say that they're doing all this great good and of course ninety eight percent of what they do it's amazing but if that doesn't run through the whole way through the organization and then if something happens is by saying is never going to happen because going to happen but it's a question of how to deal with well i think i mean looking at the tv and feud might go to old mr go during the sea of volks her over the weekend you think he didn't know anything about is news stuff there but of course who's now coming out that the top prostate all alleged apparently now i am yes they have let that cca guy were i'd essay that will be more let's talk a little bit about gene yes when i was lost on with you i am i it must be.

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