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To determine what real life is and what sort of thing we might be all existing in so the dream was that you were having some sort of podcast on one second. Sure let me just digest that. Show what you're saying is if you do when you have to tell them in case they also had the same dream because if they did that offers you a portal or a porthole. Almost a peep into what though the multi-diverse something like that it changes you go from being a sceptic to someone's like care what anyone tells me i saw a ghost in just highs instantly where like phenomena herod phenomenon like your paradigm that you understand is is represented differently to you and has it ever happened to you know now when i always tell people i understand people like please up texting me. No one's ever excited. But i just think chances are really good. One day it's going to happen. Yeah and then. It'll be nice. It'll be fun and Maybe we'll be we'll figure out every now and again. There's like a a story of someone who dreamed about where like a murder weapon his or something like that. There are these weird bookstore. S how star l. The beasts the book. Yup people dreamed that it was anyway. I'll go into this dream That we were you. Were recording your podcast. But you would you'd which maybe this'll be a thing in the future. You had this communal sort of loft space and it was cool. It was like open where you would feel mike. A music video. Maybe and it was outfitted with. Yeah it was pretty neat and then in hindsight it would be disastrous because people would wanna interrupt and chime in but the idea. Was that like you could not only be at the podcast. Save kind be part of the the feel the atmosphere. Everyone's just kind of sitting around and chairs and then you're talking with no mics or anything. The room miked up and we started talking about robin hood prince of thieves. And i in both of you were like i haven't seen it and i. I cannot believe you haven't seen that. It would have been right in the. I think around when you guys knew each other like i met might have been before that would have still been kind of a missing the on. I'm trying to think win. And at the height of one ellison. And i were both dressing as robin hood right so it's really different. One reason at more like old school rap ninety one. I wanna see when co nine hundred ninety one. Yeah we were bit before now. We we didn't know each other yet. Then but still but we oddly dressing as robin hood at the same time yes weird to get attention from from men who wish i could remember the dream better because this dialogue could have been in it. It was just this sort of thing happening. And then i was like you guys didn't see the movie you didn't know about kevin costner's accent. It was a big deal. I don't know about it. it's outrageous. it's you know he doesn't have a british accent at all and then maybe three times in the movie out of nowhere he just develops one little bursts. He'll just truly hope so. And then right back to just be in kevin costner. It's so weird. I realize the as they're having this discussion that in might mind wears the same outfit as peter pan accurate or not. They do. Because i was peter pan. I was peter pan for halloween one year as a kid and everyone guest kept thinking knows robin hood and i just said without knowing that that you and i both dresses robinson and and i actually did mining wendy all my.

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