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Check in with Mark Mitchell. WJR traffic first big accident Maria. On ninety four eastbound at French road all lanes. Are blocked right now another accident northbound on the Southfield of eight mile that's in. The right lane of the exit ramp congestion 696 near orchard lake road that's both ways kind. Of slow twenty miles per hour. To seventy five northbound near Sibley road that's twenty four miles per hour, I'm Mark, Mitchell WGN traffic and weather, first from the JR weather center upper level low pressure down from Canada keeping. A couple of thunder showers around the forecast for the next several days we'll be in and out of the clouds also and our temperatures kind of skewing on the cooler side of average will be in the upper seventies near eighty four this afternoon with some straight thundershowers, SRI thundershowers tonight sixty six and. Upper seventies tomorrow with widely scattered afternoon thunder showers from the Weather Channel I'm meteorologist Scott Lawrimore loose talk seven. Sixty WJR seventy eight degrees, right now. Taking a look at Wall Street. The Dow is down fifty. Eight points the NASDAQ is down ninety eight I'm, Marie Osborne WJR news the. Next update's at two Thirty or whenever. News breaks there the topics everybody's talking. About for your drive home join. Us for the guy Gordon show after rush at three Views expressed. By the host of this program documented to be. Almost always ninety nine point. Eight percent of the time right Reason for that is we pursue the truth here relentlessly unstoppably we find it we proclaim it irritates a lot of people Telephone number eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. Little programming note for our over six hundred rate broadcast of the way there's. A joint press conference going on right.

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