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Occupancy. That includes your round trip flight and your five nights at the resort. Now this one is, as I said in a charming little area in the key West Florida, and it also has restaurants attached to it. You it's right close to DeVol Street. So those of you that are familiar with Key West know that devolved Street is the big street with all the restaurants and attractions right there when you pull up if you're coming in on a ship or flying, and you're usually staying right around your Wall Street This, As I said, is one of the few resorts in key West that has its own private beach that, as you probably know, Key West is most famous for their sunsets. You'll never see a better sunset on the tip of Florida than you will from Key West Florida and if the Waldorf Astoria resort, so it is a charming at the landmark it's been there for years and years and years. It started out. I think it was in 19. I want to say 1958 is when it's first started taking in passengers and it was you that's on the National Register for historic places. And it's been there for generations. Movie stars Stay there on the elites, but we had that special deal that we couldn't resist placing today for five nights, including air 17 04 50 per person. Everything we're talking about. Today You can go to triple a dot com slash radio..

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