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It really matters who's on the mound. Guy comes in with 1.6, and he hit that ball so hard. It brought rain here in saying it is pouring right now. The skies opened up and it started to rain while that ball was in flight. And now the rain is really coming down as Nick Castano's come to the plate and folks, I mean, they are really scrambling for shelter. And I mean right now. As Marty used to say, rats office. Thank you exactly what it looks like the exits. Folks. Here's the first pitch to cost Janos and he takes a strike over the inside corner. The count is owned one. We thought it might be possible that there would be rain showers off and on. First and I don't know that this is something that is going to be around for a while. But, boy, I mean, it is coming down. And the wind is really suddenly picked up and it is howling toward the left field foul pole. Can't into his wind up home with the Oh one pitch and Castano's grounded to short circling around Sosa fields and throws in time to Goldschmidt for the out. One away. It is straight down rain. And that gives you an idea of the wind patterns here inside The ballpark at Busch Stadium because As we've talked about in this series, with all the buildings that have been built up around the ballpark. There may be wind around the stadium, but once you actually get inside the rain, the wind just doesn't move much. Here's Tyler Stevenson and the pitches up and in for ball one. Normally you see The manager at the top step on this afternoon. Right now you see the ground screw head for the Cardinals at the top step, and he and home plate umpire Scott Barry are really sharing a lot of back and forth glances. You gotta imagine he's probably Mind right now. Let's get this thing covered. Put the blanket out there. Can't Into his wind up home with the one Oh, two Stevenson and the pitches off the inside corner. But now the rain is really starting to let up. Coming down pretty good for a while. The boring I mean, pouring, but there's no puddling on the field at all, which is a good indication of How well this field is maintained. The two Oh, pitch to Tyler Stevenson grounded sharply foul outside of third, and it's two and one before we even have a chance to tell you about John Gant scoreless inning streak, which came in at 11. It's over. CIA. Two run shot by Jesse Winker, his 15th home run of the year. And the Reds have to run advantage as Tyler Stevenson bats in the first inning. With nobody on and one out the rain coming down very lightly. Now it is really let up the 21. And Stevenson takes down and away three and one. It just amazes made. Looking at this 50 inning 50 plus innings only allowed one home run and winker first at bat gone. First home run the Gantz allowed since April 18th against the Phillies down and in Three and one on Tyler Stevenson and As quickly as the rain came in and poured for a moment, It's still coming down very lightly, but blue skies starting to re emerge. Tyler Stevenson, drawing a one out walk. He's aboard. And now Tyler Sequin will stand in. And Now a towel for John Gant as he tries to dry off his hands and the glove and.

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