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With the marvel movies are asking his more like may be eight or ten hours a year if they do they say three movie with eight eight hours seven eight hours here on netflixing asking almost forty hours a year if there dropping three thirteen you know part series every year and if you want to add agents of shield to them yeah and then if you wanna thrown at sea but yeah yeah but a it but you're a regular network one one show lung show was twenty hours roughly the cwi they are verse is eight yeah hours a year old that's the other fish fats are lots of heavy commit sue if you've got something big on the level of a stranger things in your netflixing now i'm not saying that i would want them to drink too you know maybe they don't do stranger things from weektoweek but the networks who still stuck in their model of the halfseason were in the fullseason were the fullseason orders like 20something episodes where there are episodes their entire episodes of the flash that if you're only following the seasonlong arc you either don't need the episode at all or you need just a few minutes because it's a villain of the week story now i happened to life the limit the week stories uh you know i find the fun in the city of because again i've been watching television we longer than you know um then then this sort of seasonlong arc idea has been around um but you've got his revenge of the net than networks in that some of these shows because they're seasons are so small.

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