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Mm hmm but they still had to mix a lot of the effects alive so you're still it's still like i would be fascinated to watch there was tape of them making it and hope maybe there is out there that would be a really cool thing to watch because radio blazer fascinating to me that's yet at i think will will discover what is hitting andrew here in the year 2017 and what may be hit would have hit andrew in the year like 1997 or something for as we division of her solicit quick break and then we will open our guides to the galaxy iteru helping bring us the show this week as one of our wonderful paid on supporters brendan walsh who has written a book called the raven gain it is a vase ounce fuki it is the first in his series that he's working on called noble animals you can find it on amazon you to search for the raven gang he does know the gang a ravens is called a cesarean murder and then get some murder i don't think it's about ravens actually let me read the blurb in you tell me if you think it's about ravens it's an actually unkindness of ravens i am thinking of a murder of krauss an he idol unkindness was worse here's the blur about the raven gang other they're living their own adolescent adventurous fantasy or witnessing the dawn of a supernatural invasion whatever it is college student patrick buchanan and his friends unwittingly fall to the core of a rogue geneticists plan to reshape the world once they're framed for an esteemed philanthropists murder they must work together to uncover the man's endgame while digging into their own unpleasant past but what's the point of adventure if you don't make friends whether human or not spooky spooky so brand in is he he's a selfdescribed philosopher and recreational madman he has had stored stories published in a few leon in peadon spine magazines he is thirty three thousand words into the sequel to the race gang called the serpent league.

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