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How you buy. Newstalk eight three. Oh, WC CEO. So he says he's not going to resign. Talking with his staff. To resign. I think the more I look at this the more. I mean two days ago, I thought okay. Maybe there's a chance that it wasn't him that he's telling the truth and that that photo the black face and the person next to him in in the white outfit, the KKK outfit. Maybe that was not him. Maybe it's a case of mistaken identity. But then when he goes and publicly says, oh, yeah. I dressed up in black face and Mike. Michael jackson. Yeah. Then I thought all right. That's it. You're done for me. Paul. It doesn't matter if he was in the photo or he wasn't. Yes. He's admitted to the black face as Michael Jackson. At this point in my opinion. He cannot be an effective leader. He is too much of a distraction. There are people around the state who don't wanna work with him. You heard in the news. He's now been banned from the William, and Mary, I guess graduation some kind of ceremony there people are spurning him. If you are truly a man of the people of Virginia, if you truly want the best for the people of Virginia, you will take your ego, and you will remove yourself from the office of the governor. This is an ignominious end to a very long. Career in public service. So I I think it's it's easy for us to say that George he should just do the right thing. And do what's right for the state? But again, he's worked his whole life to to become governor to get there. And so I understand a hesitancy to just hold up. The white flag and say, I surrender. Well, that's his ego. Because at this point there are people of color, and there are white people probably in the state that you have lost the trust of. And when you have lost the trust of the people you become an ineffective leader. If you have other lawmakers that are unwilling to work with you. If you have colleges around the state that don't want you feel like you're a pariah, you're done like you. If you really want what's best for your people, and the people that you are sworn to serve you will remove yourself because no longer about you. This has become a lesson. And then it's a conversation about black face. It's a conversation about the hoods. It's conversation about what's appropriate in your yearbook or not. But that it isn't. Oh that was him. So he should resign. This is now become a huge distraction, and you can no longer govern properly. So make way for somebody else that doesn't have that kind of baggage. But again, the whole going back. This was what nineteen Eighty-four? His yearbook dated back in nineteen Eighty-four. Yes. That's not that long ago. Paul. I know, but what amazes me is how did this not come out sooner. I guess we weren't in the habit of journalists weren't in the habit of looking at old yearbooks. But in the area of of Cavanaugh, but then just now. It's coming out. Everybody's high school yearbook is fair game. Right. I guess so. I guess so clearly across party lines. I mean, I guess it is how will we find anybody? And I'm not for a minute minimizing what he did with whole blackface. It's reprehensible, but how do we find anybody with an unblemished record? No skeletons in the closet. I mean are there any of that boys? Outfitting congress people sitting senators, don't you think that every journalist has gone over Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell? I know he's seen posing in front of a confederate flag. I think that's a little bit different. Don't you think? We've there journalists that have gone through all of our sitting congress and looked at their yearbooks. They have a lot of them. Don't have this. That's like when when everybody was crazy about the metoo. Oh, every man who's ever slapped a woman on the, but they're gonna lose their jobs is everybody losing their jobs. No, they're not. But when you are a governor of a state, and you have this kind of baggage now, you are no longer effective when you have a different employees when you and your up a talk show host or an engineer or a plumber, and maybe you have done this thirty years ago or forty years ago. Maybe oh, it's it's not as harsh. But when you are in a job that needs to have the respect and the trust of the electorate and of the citizens of your state, you have a problem when? Things like this come into question. And it becomes not about you anymore. At some point, remove yourself, remove your ego. You are a public servant serve the public. Clearly, William and Mary doesn't want you coming. There are others. You know, there are there are legislators that Satan, we don't really want to work with you anymore. They're going to be organizations in his state that don't wanna work with him anymore. Do the right thing, but the whole innocent until proven guilty. You're. Oh, you're talking about due process that has it's the legal system. It's legal to be racist in this country. And I'm not even saying this guy's a racist. I'm saying now, it looks bad and you are in effect. So perception becomes reality. That's right. You are ineffective now because of all of this. So do the right thing. That's that's my opinion. Others many people have different opinions. But there are other people. There was a legislator in Florida was shown you you talked about this before who dressed up as a Hurricane Katrina victim. And he did something else. Yes. He also had black face Aves black face, and he was a Hurricane Katrina victim. He stepped down he resigned. Senator. Al Franken resigned run, you have a cloud, and you can't be effective. Goodbye. Steve's in Saint Paul jump on in here. Steve Steve, either say, I agree. This is a bad stuff. And you know, the skeletons in closets and people should be wear on. But I'm just concerned that this seems to disproportionately affect Democrats as opposed to Republicans. But you just mentioned Al Franken Al Franken was forced to quit. But look at the Cavanaugh he was accused of all sorts of horrible things credible. Evidence by credible. Witnesses. He's almost from court. Yes. He is the president of the United States is on tape bragging that because he's a celebrity you can grab women's private parts. So we look at shirt, Charlie rose, accused of all horrible things. But boy, I find it difficult to believe that a lot of these less, socially aware and less sensitive Republicans from Limbaugh and all the other FOX people. I'm surprised I usually suspicious that none of them are are leaving their choosing not to step down. You know, exactly why doesn't this guy. You know? Like like, like, Paul said, boy, everybody's got when you were, you know, people. I've heard somebody say when I was a sophomore. I didn't sophomoric things. That's why they save sophomore. But you know. Doing mea culpa, you know. Yeah. I did this year was wrong. I've grown since. I was twenty years old eighteen years old, whatever. And I I'm not I'm supporting this guy. But I'm just saying this governor could say when cut cavenaugh and Trump up steps down, then I guess I'll step down to and I see what you're saying. And you're right. He would have an argument absolutely think he would. But you see what I think with this guy. And and I think it was true with Al Franken with Senator gillibrand and Senator Schumer stuff who forced him out. It seems to be the Democrats, you know, who are basically afraid of their image overall that they are the ones who are pushing for this. This governor is that removal, the Republicans largely stay silent. Interesting. Interesting observations, Steve. Yeah. And making us thank thank you for the call Steve. Yeah. Appreciate it. You know? But ultimately, it's up to the person. And yes, there's an argument to be made that says, well, you know, he did bad things and he stayed in office. But you have to look at your own self in the mirror at the end of the day. Who do you want to be what guy do you want to be? What what lawmaker do you want to be what Representative of the people? What public servant? Do. You wanna be? When you look in the mirror. You're not gonna. I mean, hopefully, you don't want to be that person say, well, he's a bad actor, so I can be one to hopefully, you don't wanna be that guy. But some people do well, these are all teachable moments, and again, this this comes from parents talking to their kids to right? Thompson his car jump in here. Tom are you guys doing? Hello. Tom. Hey. The thought occurred to me laws listen to the commentary about Franken. And then he gets brought up in a thought know. No. Franken didn't step down until multiple entities came forward. That said an accused him of physically. Violating or you know. Belting them and he. Yeah. He had an entire career based on off color humor. And I'm sure if I had a photographic memory. I could probably remember a skit that he was either inter or wrote that was either marginally offensive to one Greek or another. No one. But the fact of that and say you should be marched out of the Senate because of something you did in the previous life now. Yep. This governor was in this picture, which has not been established for sure if there was in a private institutions yearbook, you know, really. Guys got a career in in serving the people that general how many years thirty five years you said. That seems I mean. This seems fairly trivial throwing him out of office for. And that's your opinion. No one's throwing him out. In fact, there are no grounds for impeachment because I don't think that would be legal in his state. He's being encouraged to resign encouraged. Yeah. Well, I mean, I think the way that your opinion is coming across the show is is that it should be absolute. There's no question about it that this should be gone. And I think that's that's well, that's just my opinion. Yeah. Absolutely. There's no grounds for that. Just me. I'm a little I'm a little queasy about the whole thing. Again, I I'd like to see some due process. But the fact that this guy admitted to dressing up in black face on previous occasions. I mean that to me was what tipped me over and said, yeah, maybe he should resign. I don't know how you come back from that. And he's a democrat. All right. I mean, it doesn't matter democrat Republican. Thanks for the call, Tom. We appreciate it. Thanks, john. Jason his car. Jay jump in here. Hi, Jay, Jay. I think it's important to remember. In the discussion that. Eighty four. It wasn't. Frowned upon at that time. Jay, I was alive in nine hundred eighty four. It was it was frowned upon at that time. Yeah. I don't think to a degree. And I. I don't know is intense part of it. And they condoning it. But I think thirty four years ago thirty five years ago it was perceived differently. That's Jane is car. I gotta district his point that. The sensitivity wasn't there in eighty four. Boy, that's that's tough. Black face in the vaudeville time, it has been a racist Theus, and we know that and we knew that then and it's wrong. So look, but in eighty four we didn't have Twitter, we didn't have social media. We didn't have sort of this rush to judgment, right? That we have now. Okay. It was still it was it was still wrong. But we didn't have the drumbeat that we have today where things seem to be happening in fast forward, and in hyper speed, are you saying we were more racist back then? I think we probably were. Yes. But we didn't have the media constructs to be able to isolate and highlight those cases of racism in real time. Okay. Okay. Right. Mike in Minneapolis jump in here. Mike. Hi, the one thing. I find a bit shocking is is that disguise Dr. And isn't isn't one of the things that people in the medical profession halves? First do no harm. And that means harm of any sort. You know, I mean, certainly the K K K hat on your page. I mean, Demi lynching, that's it. Yeah. Yeah. You know, if if in and yeah, he's not Cletus the high school dropout hillbilly. You know, he should've known better. Latest the high school dropout has we might have to show. Why did you talk about ed- education? Yes. Yeah. You know, if he wants to say, well, I was young and dumb, and well, you know, that I don't think that's that's pretty disingenuous if he's gonna take that route, Mike, I'm glad you got it. Thank you. Thank you for the record..

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