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Iraq i was at a by sousa fucking court you to that we had to made it you seen reciting someplace with a loving yet we in the fight isis infrastructure now still kicking on in the law that filtered water with a watermelon in in the john turn you blow it in man so after the spa you read a little bit so i'm not gonna my dad's store she's freaking out there not get on the not her door my dad opens he's wearing the exact same clothes that he wore for the night before and i'm i gotta go the generals in the lobby and he goes okay and then he pulls his pants and underwear down yeah and i'm just see my dad's dick for thing in the morning which is a terrifying thing to see and then he what are you doing we gotta go and then you just curls up in a blanket and goes to sleep me and then i smack him in the face the general fucking hobby i'm not leaving you in spain we gotta go and then he goes oh you should've told me and then puts his clothes on and we leave but he leaves his prescription glasses in spain so now he's blind for the rest of the trip to tell you that damon story about wait so i didn't even hear what you said during that one i want to easter bunny to do here can you translate translator.

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