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Jeep to the program this is don talk it is wednesday the sixth of june twenty eighteen colon number is seven zero six nine zero one nine three two two or you can text me that is two to nine seven nine six four zero zero nine all right one thing before we get out of here housekeeping actually the wjr ad that that just ran we don't actually do that on saturday anymore we typically do that on wednesdays at six thirty pm eastern time and it's also been rebranded as the weekly geek report my dumb ass just hasn't taken the time to go in and redo the spot so anyway there you go hopefully maybe next week we'll be back to our regular schedule of don talk on tuesday or whatever the hell we're gonna do this show now that i i mean i found out i think shay is finally in as apartment as of today which is fantastic so maybe we'll be able to get back in this thing on the road again we'll just have to see one last story janet i guess you say last name schubert janet hubert's son attempt suicide and she blames we'll smith now janet was the original aunt vivid on fresh prints of bear bel air which poor starred will smith this shows really what put him on the map in is as far as television and movies is concerned he was already a successful rap artist but this show is really what catapulted him into stardom kind of the springboard he come out of that then he started getting into more action movies and he became an action star and anyway but somewhere along the line i guess you'll notice that i forget how many seasons that fresh prince ran four but they changed the actresses that played this and they never really said anything they just swap them out and the reason.

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