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More Shreveport was an invitation for impeachment, but we have just a short time until the next election and if impeachment proceedings go forward, and they might go forward. I think this country will be spending inordinate amount of time on the beach and nothing else. And the Democrats are going back and forth and Nancy Pelosi recognized with what Harry Reid's it, she has to keep these Alexander Mukasey Cortez's and Rashida, ladies and Ilan, Omar and. The rest of these anti-trump hating tendency part of the party at bay. Now this controversy over Kate Smith. Kate Smith is the air who whose version of God bless America used to be played a Yankee Stadium. But they pulled it in the wake of controversy over the fact that she's saying lyrics that were racist on the nineteen thirties including songs like why the darkies were born and picking any heaven. And I'm sure a whole bunch of other people saying whole bunch of other songs low words right now offend us. You want to play this game. All right. I'm fascinated by how many of these rappers have TV shows or parts on TV shows where they play police officers ice cube ice tea, and if you look at some of their music calling women the b word the h word calling blacks inward, should we therefore argue they shouldn't be on TV. I'm Larry elder. The answer. Sandiego local news right now. Good afternoon. A driver crashed a car into a US defense. Contractor building early this morning in the current Mesa area. Then fled the scene leaving the vehicle ablaze fourteen agers were arrested early this morning after a string of arm street muggings and city heights north park after the USD board unanimously called for his resignation board trustee Kevin visor attended last night's meeting visor is being sued for sexual assaults. The Yuna raise suing the city of Los Angeles over a new law requiring companies that want city contracts to disclose whether they have ties to the gun rights group and workers at an elder auto county construction citing northern California where robbed by a man.

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