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I look at it also from a hitter or non duct circle swinging a little awaited bat now that's totally different because you're not then you go up to swing now the the weights off near swinging a lot quicker as a pitcher i'm looking at it i'm like that could just be the opposite way to me as you're throwing a heavier ball now you're throwing it harder injure yourself even more there's different ways and and all the technology has changed especially admired a year and now this the new area it's totally different and we talk about how many different approaches and shifts and all the other things to it now you gotta watch out you know what are we gonna see next from a pitcher and a hitter i mean what are the new technologies are going to be coming out there's something new every day there's there's gotta be in the game just keeps evolving and you know pretty soon three four five years i mean everybody maybe throwing a hundred miles an hour i mean it really has changed me we looked last night the starter for the braves in the first inning fulton ninety nine hundred yeah but you know what he couldn't put anybody away with two strikes because that's all so there's a lot to be said for talking to guys like john burkett you know that fastball down in a way i don't care how hard it is it's still the best kitchen baseball well we're going to talk to the mind of a baseball pitching coach i can't steve kline who's a pitching coach of the sacramento river cats he's gonna join us next richer earlier bill laskey on kmby are the sports leader we'll be right back.

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