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Video games their stats and their teams and crazy you know he's got the same birthday as larry bird so that's about what you'd expect but so so my point is that you know it really started with with the tv and the dvr where you could fast forward through the commercials so that was one economic driver that you lose one thing that seems to be left on the island is live sports he gotta watch a game live you can't dvr no one's gonna dvr the super bowl and watch it three weeks later so you're waiting for this bubble the bursts because he's right's fees just defying gravity and companies like espn struggling economically because spending so much money on these rights and they're not recouping it because people are are are cutting the cord but live sports seems to be the only thing left so if you're going to double down triple down quadruple down the almost have to and there's so many outlets now whether it's you know they call ott over the top so like amazon is getting into the broadcasting the nfl so if you're going to get the if you're gonna get nfl games away from cbs or nbc you gotta pay a lot of money so it's incredible it really and to me you know the other thing that i'm kind of waiting for the big shoe to drop is if congress would ever step in and end this bundling where you know you can't pay wherever cable bill you're paying you're only watching you know maybe one twentieth of the channels that are available as you're paying for all of these channels that you never watch.

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